Growdrop by SethR

made by SethR for LD29 (JAM)
An infinite faller with online highscores based on the Growtopia universe!

Use the LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to avoid obstacles and collect treasure as you fall. The deeper you go, the more treasure is worth. There is also a combo system that rewards speed.

All artwork/sfx are ripped from the MMO Growtopia which was created by myself and Mike Hommel


Coolness 32% 1851
Overall(Jam) 3.20 376
Audio(Jam) 3.24 284
Fun(Jam) 3.38 157
Graphics(Jam) 2.75 601
Humor(Jam) 2.95 230
Innovation(Jam) 2.33 658
Mood(Jam) 2.53 626
Theme(Jam) 3.04 434


28. Apr 2014 · 16:32 CEST
This was quite fun and reminded my...of my own entry?!? But in fun...and with highscore :)
28. Apr 2014 · 16:41 CEST
Nice simple game. Love the various music and the sound effects remind me of those cheesy radio sounds. Also liked the physics after you die.
Good job! :)
28. Apr 2014 · 16:49 CEST
Feedback including audio, voice, music was really nice. And challenging level design was also good!
28. Apr 2014 · 17:21 CEST
I don't know why but sometimes i couldnt start the game or even click on the bar to move the scores. It worked when I restarted it two times. Was fun and the music it's pretty nice! Lot of music pieces!
Linus Lindberg
28. Apr 2014 · 22:48 CEST
I like it, very addictive! Feels ver polished for an LD game, with leaderboard and stuff...

But I for one would rather see it based on Dink Smallwood! ;)
(Long time dinker)
29. Apr 2014 · 04:12 CEST
Man this is hardcore :p Making a highscore list was a great idea, as it pushed me to give it another try.
29. Apr 2014 · 07:24 CEST
Noooooo i couldnt type my name :(
Im some growtopian with 18k score haha

Nice game
29. Apr 2014 · 07:52 CEST
The high score table speaks of mean LDs. Very nice.
29. Apr 2014 · 17:54 CEST
Simple, funny, and a leaderboard to keep players... playing (smart move)
Good job
29. Apr 2014 · 18:03 CEST
Some things seemes a little bit out of place, but liked it. And why the fuck the music switches every 100 meters? hahahaha
29. Apr 2014 · 22:12 CEST
Great sound/music/art.
02. May 2014 · 21:43 CEST
A game that does what it intends to do. Like the highscore list. Would be nice with maybe one more type of obstacle.