TekkuNikku by Robotic

made by Robotic for LD28 (COMPO)
What if you only had ONE attack in a fighting game ? You better create your only stance carefully !

Play it solo or with a friend, using controllers. (Keyboard version on its way)


Coolness 69% 3
Overall 3.77 60
Audio 3.05 226
Fun 3.76 40
Graphics 4.26 29
Humor 3.80 41
Innovation 4.08 16
Mood 3.30 191
Theme 3.50 165


16. Dec 2013 · 09:53 CET
Really nice, especially when you're fighting on mid-air! The only thing missing is some funky music in the background. I assume a restart button will be on its way sometime?
16. Dec 2013 · 13:28 CET
Very fun and original ! It lacks a kind of trendy techno music from the 80's :)
16. Dec 2013 · 13:29 CET
You really should have made this keyboard compatible. You're not going to get many ratings without it...
16. Dec 2013 · 13:55 CET
This is so funny!! I love the game!!
17. Dec 2013 · 01:10 CET
Really sweet idea. One of the better uses of the theme
17. Dec 2013 · 01:13 CET
Looks nice :), reminds me of ragdoll fighters (plus a bit of toribash), the only thing is that the arms and legs are so short that it feels a bit too random, as if the position were irrelevant.
17. Dec 2013 · 01:14 CET
Absolutely amazing, I can't believe you managed to get this amount of polish into a LD48. Really satisfying to get a hit, and the slow motion "matrix" kill move at the end is inspired. The only thing I can think of is... does the stance actually make any difference? Awesome job :)

Btw - inspired by Sumotori Dreams? If not, play it, its so funny!
17. Dec 2013 · 01:15 CET
Funny concept and awesome execution. Took a while to figure out what was going on, but after figuring it out it turned into a breakdancing fight to the death. Good job!
17. Dec 2013 · 01:16 CET
An interesting game, but I didn't notice much if any difference in the attacks
17. Dec 2013 · 01:16 CET
This is extremely ridiculous, but it doesn't seem like the original setup really has any effect
17. Dec 2013 · 01:16 CET
This game was super fun and impressive for the time limit,but the controls for combat with mouse/keyboard were not listed so it took me longer than it should have to figure out how to play. A "Controls" option on the menu would have sufficed.
17. Dec 2013 · 01:17 CET
This is hilarious. Reminds me of that other sumo game... The attack names are pretty funny too! And I feel like this is was a lot of work for 2 days, so really nice job on that.
Christopher Schulte
17. Dec 2013 · 01:17 CET
This is so much fun and humorous. From the satisfying pause and flash that happen on a hit to the ludicrous positions and names, the game is great. Fun playing solo, now I just need to find an opponent. The one thing that's missing is a cheesy old kung fu movie background track.
17. Dec 2013 · 01:22 CET
This is amazing.
17. Dec 2013 · 01:25 CET
This is quite a cool little fighting game. It wasn't really clear what preparing your move did though, it seemed like once the fight started they just turned into flailing ragdolls. The visual style is great!
17. Dec 2013 · 05:18 CET
Cool visuals and interesting toribash-esque gameplay, but doesn't seem to have a lot of depth or skill involved. Needs music.
17. Dec 2013 · 12:59 CET
Obviously it needs kinect.
17. Dec 2013 · 17:40 CET
verry awesome good game
17. Dec 2013 · 21:51 CET
Awesome work :D
18. Dec 2013 · 12:41 CET
LOL, this is the best game I played in this Ludum Dare :D
18. Dec 2013 · 17:47 CET
Ok, I have to say that is really hard to make good looking 3D in Unity. You succeed perfectly! Lighting, models and palettes are just PERFECT! :D I wish I could dig into the code of this entry hehe! :p

Anyway, the gameplay was very funny, even though it seems I'm rubbish at it! :D
18. Dec 2013 · 20:20 CET
Totally awesome! I've been playing it with my friend about an hour, laughing the whole time!
19. Dec 2013 · 02:13 CET
Great use of the theme. Super funny and unique, with a memorable graphical style and lots of polish to boot.
19. Dec 2013 · 14:21 CET
A lot of fun and looks great. A favourite with my class at the moment!
26. Dec 2013 · 09:23 CET
I like this idea lol.
Pretty funny!
03. Jan 2014 · 16:13 CET
Oh man, this game was so perfect! It had everything fun stuffed into it, overflowing with it, even! I really loved it. The fights and situations generated, mid-air attacks, insane clashes were too cool, too funny xD
And THOSE SOUNDS. I can't even start. So much win.
04. Jan 2014 · 21:49 CET
Amazing entry, very well done! Nicely polished and designed - rated highly. :)
06. Jan 2014 · 23:30 CET