The Witch's Weak Point by Agram

made by Agram for LD28 (JAM)
Our team include :
Agram for coding (first LD)
Jeremy Vitry (Kuru) artists
Grelin artists (first LD)
Shakkam for musics (first LD)

We have searched a lot around the theme of only one weak point, like Achille or Sanson ... but we finished elsewhere.

Try to have fun with our game !

some bugs are corrected :
- Boss that disappear on the right of the creen
- shot rate that didn t come back when switching bozooka and roquette
- more controle : add 'space' and 'c' to shot, and add 'v' to swap. Choose your best config !
- Volume of music is higher


Coolness 62% 3
Overall(Jam) 3.85 35
Audio(Jam) 4.04 16
Fun(Jam) 3.81 30
Graphics(Jam) 4.72 3
Humor(Jam) 2.69 186
Innovation(Jam) 3.09 189
Mood(Jam) 3.71 52
Theme(Jam) 3.09 175


17. Dec 2013 · 01:01 CET
This was fun! The player / ball switching mechanic was interesting. I really liked the art and music as well!
17. Dec 2013 · 01:06 CET
Wow! Fantastic entry. Utterly incredible art, great music, I really loved the gameplay. Well done!
17. Dec 2013 · 08:40 CET
Great Game! Really clean!

Some loots bugs sometimes but really low problem, good job! =)
17. Dec 2013 · 11:33 CET
Great entry! Lovely graphics and fun mechanics! :)
17. Dec 2013 · 11:49 CET
Really fun game! Great music and pretty graphics!

Simple comcept but efficient!!
17. Dec 2013 · 12:51 CET
The graphics are just amazing. Really clean, really nice. I feel some FFIX inspiration for the enemies-design ?

Great job to the team !
17. Dec 2013 · 13:00 CET
Nice Art style!
Neat mechanics. The Ctrl+W shortcut however, was a pain in the butt. The tab kept on closing
17. Dec 2013 · 15:34 CET
Fun game, with pretty graphics !
17. Dec 2013 · 19:18 CET
I really loved the cartoony graphics in this game!
17. Dec 2013 · 19:20 CET
Beautiful art, great soundtrack, and interesting gameplay - the full package! I can't get over how polished this game looks and feels!
17. Dec 2013 · 19:21 CET
Audio in the main menu would help.

The graphics are nice, but as @paras238 said, 'Ctrl + W' means the tab keeps closing (or in my case, 'Command + W' on a Mac).

More playtesting with your web build could prevent a problem like this in the future. :)
17. Dec 2013 · 19:44 CET
Sorry for 'Ctrl + W'. Padawan's mistake ... I will try to correct this quickly.
17. Dec 2013 · 22:40 CET
Really cool game - unfortunately it is almost impossible to play on a Mac because of the control key with other letters being shortcuts..
19. Dec 2013 · 11:07 CET
some bugs are corrected :
- Boss that disappear on the right of the creen
- shot rate that didn t come back when switching bozooka and roquette
- more controle : add 'space' and 'c' to shot, and add 'v' to swap. Choose your best config !
- Volume of music is higher

I only touchs the bugs, i didn t change anything about gameplay or leveldesign !
19. Dec 2013 · 11:26 CET
I love shmups. And that's a good one. I was confused until i read the rules, quite original mechanics. Also love the music.
19. Dec 2013 · 11:33 CET
One of the best looking games here!
19. Dec 2013 · 14:45 CET
Link just takes me to a white screen on Chrome.
19. Dec 2013 · 16:08 CET
All I'm getting is a white screen it's not loading.
19. Dec 2013 · 16:15 CET
I have updated a link on the swf, instead of the index.html ... I have changed that.
19. Dec 2013 · 18:34 CET
The game was really fun and cute, but after a few minutes, it lags to the point of being unplayable. Using Chrome on Windows 8.1.
20. Dec 2013 · 00:03 CET
Woah, that was fun! I liked the core mechanic of having to protect the mana ball, and the music and graphics were bang on. The power-ups were pretty cool too.
20. Dec 2013 · 12:53 CET
Thanks Agram and Jeremy for your invitation to join your team for the music. I really enjoyed :) You worked well, the game is really addictive.
20. Dec 2013 · 19:29 CET
The was too laggy for me to fully enjoy it as Jishenaz pointed out. The music and graphics are top notch very professional looking and sounding.
20. Dec 2013 · 23:49 CET
As others have stated, your music and audio are outstanding. You have an original and innovative core concept but it has unfortunately resulted in a flawed shooter. Having an invincible player results in gameplay that doesn't require you to be extremely precise in your movement and there is very little need to dodge enemies. This becomes really evident when you get to the boss battle and can just sit in one spot near the left of the screen and hold down the fire button until the health bar is gone.

You added the enemy that slows you down, which works great for keeping the player away from the mana orb. Still, it's not enough to keep the game from being far too easy. The switching mechanic is also kind of strange. Maybe it needs more feedback for the player, and maybe it should be limited or have a cooldown phase so you can't spam it over and over to get the orb out of tough spots so quickly. The player feels REALLY overpowered here.

And I don't want it to seem like I'm being extremely negative about your game. In fact, it's the opposite. I think that your game's aesthetic is wonderful and your characters are very memorable. It would be great for you all to keep working on this because it could be VERY VERY VERY awesome with some tweaks to the core gameplay. This looks like an extremely professional product and it would be a shame to not keep working on this. What you have here is more than just a jam game, it's a start to something much bigger.

Thank you so much for putting your talents together for LD and welcome to the newcomers on your team!
21. Dec 2013 · 13:43 CET
Very polishes shooter with nice graphics! Cloud be more difficult, because switchign is not really needed.
21. Dec 2013 · 18:21 CET
Wonderful! I got to the end!
Christina Antoinette Neofotistou
22. Dec 2013 · 16:36 CET
So super-polished until the last second! Thank you for making this. I actually like how she's slightly overpowered, she's magical after all. Top marks to everyone!
24. Dec 2013 · 21:07 CET
A nice shooter you made there! Some kick-ass music, lovely art (love the face of the witch if you collect a special weapon) and a nice mechanic with the mana ball. Some bugs here and there, but the core and the gameplay feel solid!
25. Dec 2013 · 15:24 CET
Really good gameplay idea. The graphics are just amazing.

I finished the game with 1020 score points. It became quite laggy at the end.
26. Dec 2013 · 11:30 CET
Great graphics and animation! A little UI bug (power/speed bars don't come back after restarting a new game for instance).
Very fun to play!
28. Dec 2013 · 04:33 CET
Played for a while but found no boss... and since the gameplay stayed the same for a while, I just quit...

It's a nice game with great music (reminded me of Gundemonium series) and graphics! But it was too repetitive... If only this was taken care of, this would be a great game!!
03. Jan 2014 · 15:35 CET
very nice graphics and music, but lack of challenge for this type of shooter game. and game crash(just close my browser window) when I just start about 2 min.
04. Jan 2014 · 22:06 CET
Hey, epic soundtrack! \m/ A very good entry