Hauptbaum by Christian S.

made by Christian S. for LD28 (COMPO)
You get only one tree. Protect it. (As long as possible ...)

How to play:
- Drag to scroll
- Drag to place buildings
- Collect the gems
- Your buildings last only for a limited time.


Coolness 61% 3
Overall 3.79 52
Audio 3.69 39
Fun 3.55 103
Graphics 3.88 99
Humor 2.06 575
Innovation 3.03 411
Mood 3.52 100
Theme 3.27 281


16. Dec 2013 · 00:56 CET
Beautiful (visuals and music)! Suggest making explicit in instructions you need to DRAG out the items onto the map. I was clicking them and wondering why they were appearing way off. :)
16. Dec 2013 · 18:42 CET
Made it to wave 51 before getting bored. Reminds me of dune for some reason and got totally 'sucked' into it. Excellent game and a good twist on the typical tower defence games. Well done!
16. Dec 2013 · 21:32 CET
this is pretty good, would really have loved the ability to look around with the keyboard, nice game thoguh
Daniel X. Moore
16. Dec 2013 · 21:32 CET
Can you publish a Linux version? Unity doesn't have a Linux web client!
16. Dec 2013 · 21:34 CET
Beautiful! Very refreshing tower defence game.
16. Dec 2013 · 21:36 CET
Great take on RTS! Super execution! Oups, just realized i never got me a bomb..
16. Dec 2013 · 21:36 CET
Very cool game. Made it to wave 11 before it started advancing waves by itself ... The worms would be advancing and then all of the sudden disappear and the next wave would start. But other than that, really cool graphics and audio to match it. Nice job.
16. Dec 2013 · 21:36 CET
Nice graphics and sound! Very enjoyable to play, the only bug (maybe feature?) I noticed was that the worms sometimes glom around a well and don't destroy it. Great job!
16. Dec 2013 · 21:36 CET
Wow what a great game! The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is solid. Great work :)
16. Dec 2013 · 21:36 CET
Very nice and beautiful game. It's a bit on the easy side though the exhaustion of lakes took me by surprise when I had 0 resources. The need too constantly scroll all over the place to spot the enemies and the size of the resources is a bit annoying.
16. Dec 2013 · 21:37 CET
Very well made game. The atmosphere is just great.
16. Dec 2013 · 21:37 CET
Got bored pretty soon, but the execution is good!
16. Dec 2013 · 21:37 CET
Fun take on defense games. I liked how you need to constantly expand outward where it gets harder and harder to keep an eye on and protect. Well done!
16. Dec 2013 · 21:41 CET
It looks really good and is well balanced. I ran out of points so I couldn't make more oil rig things but then the snakes kept disappearing before they hit the tree.
16. Dec 2013 · 22:00 CET
Great game!
Would have loved a minimap somewhere, it becomes really hard when you expand too much, also I didn't notice when my police buildings were disappearing :(
local minimum
17. Dec 2013 · 21:43 CET
I thought I didn't like tower defense games (if that's the correct label for this) but I did find it very appealing. Nicely done, great consistency in the art. Didn't get through very many waves, but I think that says more about how I feel about TD-games.
18. Dec 2013 · 22:26 CET
Those black things are stuff of nightmares. Good game but I got stuck without resources a few times.
Denis Chakarov
18. Dec 2013 · 23:14 CET
Good game, extremely good audio! The music made me want to play more! :D Congrats!
20. Dec 2013 · 11:49 CET
Very nice little game. I liked the audio and the graphics.
20. Dec 2013 · 12:00 CET
The game was okay. A little slow, a little strange, but you could go on and on.
Hauptbaum is a great nam. Also the graphics were awesome. The music was fine, tho a little nerving.

Good job.
30. Dec 2013 · 14:18 CET
Great graphics, great sound, great mood! Well done!
(Und mol eidütig schwizer ;) )
30. Dec 2013 · 22:40 CET
Great concept, very well done!
06. Jan 2014 · 12:07 CET
Simple but playable tower defense clone with nice music. The manual movement irritated me a little.. Good job :-)
06. Jan 2014 · 12:37 CET
Very professional