System Control by conormn

made by conormn for LD28 (COMPO)
In this human body sustaining simulator take control of your only test subjects internal systems ( digestive, circulatory and respiratory ) to keep him alive as long as you choose. The final Post-Compo version features tighter controls, revised dialogue and additional sound effects.


Coolness 67% 3
Overall 3.77 60
Audio 3.81 23
Fun 3.38 185
Graphics 4.49 7
Humor 3.76 44
Innovation 3.75 70
Mood 3.43 134
Theme 3.13 364


16. Dec 2013 · 02:53 CET
really great look to this, great job!
16. Dec 2013 · 04:10 CET
Hey thanks @mcapraro! Your game looks really neat too! Best of luck.
16. Dec 2013 · 04:14 CET
extremely enjoyable, and highly polished. A little bit of a stretch on the theme, I feel, but still a solid flash game
16. Dec 2013 · 04:15 CET
Hahah a great style! :-)
I saw you blogging images earlier today... quite interesting to see it working now! :D
16. Dec 2013 · 04:16 CET
I couldn't keep him alive, but I love it.
16. Dec 2013 · 04:16 CET
Really awesome! It got boring after a while (too easy to keep him alive) It would be awesome to have something to
1: prevent people from abusing the space key, as if you press space when the line isnt within the bars, the patient lose some health
2: add some rhythm to lungs, like if you change too early, the respiration would be too fast, losing health.

thats all, awesome game!
16. Dec 2013 · 04:17 CET
I learned that I should never be a doctor :S. Cool game though, definitely was hard to keep up with!
16. Dec 2013 · 04:23 CET
Quite hard, but really great fun :)
16. Dec 2013 · 05:59 CET
Great presentation, humor and music! Pretty hard to multi task the support machines, but clever idea.
16. Dec 2013 · 06:05 CET
wow, first game? geez, i have no hope! ;) great job, really awesome graphics and an amazing first effort
16. Dec 2013 · 06:10 CET
Your first!? Man, I feel bad for my effort. Nice work and graphics there! Great job!
16. Dec 2013 · 06:11 CET
Looks and sounds amazing. My guy died a few seconds in on my first try but lasted a couple minutes my second after I learned I could just spam the buttons.
16. Dec 2013 · 06:21 CET
Fun little concept with amazing visuals.
16. Dec 2013 · 06:24 CET
That was pretty fantastic. A shining example of a polished game in 48 hours.
16. Dec 2013 · 06:26 CET
Loved the aesthetic. Loved the mechanic. But I killed my test subject horribly.
16. Dec 2013 · 06:34 CET
Cool aesthetics.
16. Dec 2013 · 06:39 CET

Really glad you liked it. :)
16. Dec 2013 · 06:44 CET

To be honest I've been in the advertising industry for years illustrating and animating various dumb stuff. I've never tried putting a game together by myself till this weekend tho. But now that I have, I have to admit I'm kinda hooked...
16. Dec 2013 · 07:30 CET
I lasted 3 seconds. Superb graphics, it's like a blend between a web-design infographic and polished flash game. Very fun, but there was no restart button :(
16. Dec 2013 · 07:39 CET
@funselektor glad you liked it, but there wasn't a restart cause "you only get one" test subject :)
16. Dec 2013 · 08:12 CET
Looks great! I found it a little difficult. But the idea is fantastic and well executed. Congrats!
16. Dec 2013 · 08:18 CET
The only problem I have with this game is that you can keep the test subject going just with respiratory and digestive system. Other than that, it's awesome!
16. Dec 2013 · 08:26 CET
Amazing game!
16. Dec 2013 · 10:04 CET
Very fun game, I love the concept... Living is so HARD in this game!
16. Dec 2013 · 10:33 CET
Awesome idea :D
16. Dec 2013 · 16:02 CET
Ha ha, this one it's a blast! Good game mate, is it your first? Amazing job!
16. Dec 2013 · 20:54 CET
@Lustdante Totally agree. At some point I'm going to go back and fine tune the controls. Just didn't have time this weekend.

@somepx - Thanks! I've done the art for a few games over the years, but this is the first game I've made by myself.

Really happy you guys liked it!
Linus Lindberg
16. Dec 2013 · 21:50 CET
Best game I've played so far this LD! The visual design is just fantastic and it looks and feels very polished and professional... Love the little details like the guys comments!
16. Dec 2013 · 22:32 CET
This was interesting. Was very difficult at first, but after realizing there was no consequence for just mashing the jkeys that's what it turned into. Neat concept and wonderful visuals though.
17. Dec 2013 · 00:58 CET
I love the graphics, great job!
Are you supposed to just be able to mash the keyboard like crazy? Didn't provide much difficulty(except tiring my fingers :)
17. Dec 2013 · 01:43 CET
@Linus Lindberg - Really glad you're into it :)

@barkergames & @mactinite - I'll be going back and adding slight penalties for hitting buttons at the wrong times which should hopefully help with the tired fingers :)
17. Dec 2013 · 19:52 CET
Great game, looks good but got tedious after a while.
17. Dec 2013 · 21:35 CET
AWESOME! Best game seen here so far. What I loved the most is character talking whole welcome splash screen - I was just waiting to see what he's gonna say. [Yes test subject, just hang out sounds fun!] And black screen after death is good aproach to theme - simple lack of restart button repairs the flaw of the other games ("oh yes, you got only one life... but why not to restart?")
17. Dec 2013 · 22:01 CET
This is a really different and polished-looking entry! It's really quite difficult to play, though, and it kind of felt like the best approach was just to mash buttons, rather than carefully time anything, given that everything was so fast and there weren't any obvious penalties for false presses.
17. Dec 2013 · 22:56 CET
@Tonasz So glad you liked it :) I had originally intended to build out a larger story, like him escaping from this underground facility Portal™ style and you having to keep him alive the entire time. But that would have been too much work, so opted instead for a few speech bubbles. Maybe some day...
17. Dec 2013 · 23:02 CET
@JaymeeMak - I'm for sure going to go back and fine tune the controls. Mashing the buttons will quicken the death.

@MrAmazingSocks - Just think how bored our internal organs must be!
18. Dec 2013 · 00:43 CET
Great style. It's a good thing these processes are automatic as I'd probably be dead by now.
18. Dec 2013 · 01:28 CET
Really cool, I'm impressed it was your first thing you've programmed. The whole idea was fun to play, and the person you were keeping alive was pretty funny. Nice work!
Nick Weihs
18. Dec 2013 · 01:28 CET
Was trying to find the rythm, but I ended up just spamming to keep him alive. Really good music and cool idea!
18. Dec 2013 · 02:18 CET
@Lissar We could learn a thing or two from our internal buddies.

@Jellycakes Thanks so much for playing it, was really a treat!

@Nick Weihs This could totally be a rhythm game. I'm probably not good enough yet to make that happen tho.
18. Dec 2013 · 03:17 CET
18. Dec 2013 · 09:03 CET
Very polished, doesn't feel at all like a game that was made in 48 hours. Also fun.
23. Dec 2013 · 20:36 CET
Aw damn, he want to die! Awesome work!
24. Dec 2013 · 00:39 CET
I enjoyed it for the first minute but then it gets very easy once you get the hang of it and it is, by its nature, very repetitive. More diversity and an increasing level of difficulty could make this into a pretty darn good mobile game -- also the heartbeat could be in sync with a song you choose; but that's just me.
25. Dec 2013 · 19:19 CET
Far to easy once you get going, by which I mean I discovered I could even run just two of the organs, and have him not breath for a minute or so, with no ill effects. Other than that, really great entry, loved the audio and humor of the talking patient.
Zephyr Raine of Pulled Frop
03. Jan 2014 · 12:35 CET
Haha, I'm really not multifunction, but the game is gooood.
03. Jan 2014 · 14:11 CET
Hmm, all the parts are so good. Maybe one of the best I've seen.
The graphics are in a neat html5-style, the music fits the game, makes it more enjoyable and can be listened to for longer periods.
Well executed theme by not having a 'play again?' feature.
Wacky out of control controls that make the game suitably frantic.
But the best part for me were the texts. Very funny!

Just a tiny tiny remark: the instructions could have been a bit larger. But there is a good thing about that: if you play without reading you'll soon find out, that that's NOT the way.
03. Jan 2014 · 14:34 CET
Great game and nice polish!
I kept watching the menu for a while, until I thought there were no more lines... XD
03. Jan 2014 · 14:54 CET
Nice game. Really good graphics and music. The game was quite hard for me but it's fun to play.
Denis Chakarov
03. Jan 2014 · 16:37 CET
Very minimal, polished and hard! Great entry!
03. Jan 2014 · 16:58 CET
Very polished. It's difficulty curve is up there but that's part of the fun. The writing was hilarious as well.
04. Jan 2014 · 14:46 CET
Love the polish behind this one - it just felt cool. Unique, tricky gameplay mechanic too, though I agree there should be something in place to prevent button spamming. Great entry!
09. Jan 2014 · 15:17 CET
I made a video of this game: