Hamlet by derdragon

made by derdragon for LD28 (COMPO)
Get ready to LAMENT!!! It's Hamlet, like you've never seen him before... at least to the best of my knowledge. I had way too much fun making this and of course didn't get anywhere near finishing the whole play. I spent a lot of the last hour or so just adding a silly ending to it, but I guess it's the most complete actual ENDING I've done in an LD game so far.

The game mechanics are pretty hit-or-miss... You basically have to go to where you're expected, and either reply one way or another, or lament bitterly to yourself in the spotlight.

Everything is controlled via the mouse. Click to move, click and hold on actors to interact with them. Your ultimate goal is to be remembered... not necessarily to perform well... so keep that in mind.

I hope you enjoy it for what it is, even if it's not so much a "game" as a "toy".

Can't speak for the functionality of the web version, but I figured I'd toss it up there.

For those of you that do... thanks for trying it out!

Btw... I'm realizing that this may be a bit too confusing, so here's a general walkthrough (as far as what you're EXPECTED to do):

Scene 1 - Just don't go on stage, you're Hamlet... and you're not in this scene
Scene 2 - When Claudius asks why you're upset... just lament to him, when everyone leaves and you have the spotlight, lament to yourself, and when Horatio asks you to watch out for the ghost, reply with Yea
Scene 3 - Stay off stage.
Scene 4 - Revile the ghost when he asks how you feel, then revile Horatio, then lament once more in the spotlight

How you go about getting more notoriety is up to you :)


Coolness 51% 3
Overall 3.79 52
Fun 3.56 97
Graphics 4.62 3
Humor 4.09 11
Innovation 4.44 3
Mood 3.86 34
Theme 3.18 329


Jeff Melton
16. Dec 2013 · 04:47 CET
This is a great 'play' on the theme. The pixel art is top notch and the animations are great. Thanks for providing the web version!
16. Dec 2013 · 16:52 CET
I couldn't wait to see the game since I've seen your progress screens. And the wait was worth it, it's as good as I hoped it will be!
16. Dec 2013 · 23:00 CET
Haha, well, I'm glad you liked it. I'm assuming you played the windows exe? I saw some people play the web version today, and the spotlight ends up opaque, and blocks everything out.
16. Dec 2013 · 23:21 CET
i cant win but i love it
16. Dec 2013 · 23:27 CET
This is mental! (in the good way!) :D
(I'm assuming there was no sound - as opposed to an issue on my side?)
Ted Brown
16. Dec 2013 · 23:28 CET
I'm still trying to figure out the game, yet I STILL love everything about it. A little more transparency into what the player is supposed to do, and you'll have a winner!
16. Dec 2013 · 23:28 CET
I needed the walkthrough to understand it, which bring less fun obviously. The concept, however is grandiose !
16. Dec 2013 · 23:29 CET
This would be a fantastic game with a bit of development! Lot of promise here.
16. Dec 2013 · 23:32 CET
Incredibly cool & well done. Also, such a nice idea! Can't win but i loved it !
16. Dec 2013 · 23:35 CET
Bravo! This made certainly made me laugh. Very good looking, and very fun. I could imagine myself playing through a much longer game of this type.
16. Dec 2013 · 23:36 CET
Spotlight is opaque in both web and exe versions. So I can't go further... In the exe versions I also end up with an empty scene right after the spotlight.
The animation is nice! I'd like to play more of this!
16. Dec 2013 · 23:39 CET
I'm impressed, great great art and animations and the game idea itself is creative as well (albeit very confusing at the beginning, your tips helped). Oh how I lamented...
16. Dec 2013 · 23:41 CET
OMG, the artwork! This is awesome. Also, without knowing Hamlet, I think you "modernized" the text a bit, in a way that made me actually LOL.

I think I'd kill myself before I could even hope to finish it, but that's most likely just because I don't know Hamlet (yet). I believe, I'll have to check when my local Shakespeare Company performs it.

I struggled a bit with the controls at first, but after working it out, it's fine.
16. Dec 2013 · 23:42 CET
it's great pixel art :D
16. Dec 2013 · 23:45 CET
This is a really cool and unique idea. The lines were really funny, and I loved how well the other actors responded to the players actions!
16. Dec 2013 · 23:55 CET
I loved every time the director came to CUT.

Brilliant entry. Very original and the art is amazing. My only point against it would be that, without the tips or previous knowledge, it's very easy to get lost. Nonetheless, congratulations for one of the best entries I've played so far :)
Vi-King Games
17. Dec 2013 · 00:08 CET
"My sorrow can beat up your sorrow."
Oh my God this game is amazing.
Vi-King Games
17. Dec 2013 · 00:10 CET
"My sorrow can beat up your sorrow."
All of the lines are perfect, and shouting random things from offstage is always funny.
Great pixel art and animations, too.
17. Dec 2013 · 03:14 CET
@DustyStylus Yeah... I actually started on sound for them walking around, but had some awful bug with it repeating, sounded like grinding, and rather than spend a bunch of time fixing it, I just pulled sound out.

@lilinx Sorry to hear the transparency didn't work in the exe either... I was trying to do modulative blending with the spotlight, but ended up with some other hacky solution... which I guess doesn't work too well

@everyoneelse Thank you so much! I got off to a rough start with this, and it seems to have turned out rather well. Happy to have provided some entertainment, however brief :)
17. Dec 2013 · 12:16 CET
This game is so much fun.
Abdullah Elsayed
17. Dec 2013 · 13:49 CET
Nice job ! .. really liked it !
17. Dec 2013 · 19:21 CET
Any pot shot at Hamlet is cool especially when they are this silly
18. Dec 2013 · 00:11 CET
Awesome art! Really responsive web version!
18. Dec 2013 · 04:11 CET
Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Art, animation, mechanics... really loved it.

I wouldn't have stood a chance without your walkthrough but it combined well with the on stage cues that other characters were giving me. I see how this could have stood alone.

At a more meta level: I really like this interaction concept. Really owns the idea that the player is playing the authors story in a way that most games try to hide.
18. Dec 2013 · 08:58 CET
Amazing execution of an amazing idea. Really funny, me and my brother couldn't stop laughting.


Shame that is too short, I want more! :D
Static 64
18. Dec 2013 · 22:29 CET
Wow! Couldn't play the whole thing on the web, like you said, but Wow! You have to make more! This easily lends itself to expansions/sequels.
19. Dec 2013 · 02:08 CET
Very fun game and a really good concept. I would've loved to play more scenes :D
19. Dec 2013 · 15:49 CET
Solid entry. Graphics are impressive. The gameplay is very annoying if you don't follow the walkthrough, though.
20. Dec 2013 · 09:56 CET
That was amazing.
20. Dec 2013 · 17:19 CET
A great idea although a little tedious to keep repeating. The pixel art is fantastic. I loved the "walking" animations! Good job.
20. Dec 2013 · 20:13 CET
The idea is so funny. It works well as a toy, but sometimes it is a bit frustrating that it just ends (why not give only bad scores?) and - more bad - starts from all over. Anyway, I really like your entry! I love the walking animation :D
21. Dec 2013 · 02:58 CET
Amazing graphics. Really really amazing! :D I love this style.
The game is a little confusing but that's ok! Add some sounds and cool voiceovers and clarify what the player has to do and this game will become just awesome.
24. Dec 2013 · 01:16 CET
I don't actually know how Hamlet goes, and I didn't notice the walkthrough, but I actually managed to get through it. Of course, a decent portion of my 25,000 notoriety came from shouting random things when I had a line. The graphics and dialogue are great.
24. Dec 2013 · 01:24 CET
Wow, very interesting concept! :)
The art is really great too!
25. Dec 2013 · 03:55 CET
I screw up so much. It's very funny! Good work
07. Jan 2014 · 18:07 CET
I would love it if the game started in the dressing room, giving the player time to figure out how to move, move offscreen, and practice lines, and talk to people.
11. Jan 2014 · 23:25 CET
This is something I have never play before. Great job!