Socket City by SethR

made by SethR for LD24 (COMPO)
Note: Flash version works but has minor music/audio/speed issues.. recommend the Windows download!

You are the administrator of Space City! But it's not a vacation, you'll have to use a mixture of strategy, reflexes and good luck to keep the station healthy.

Survive ten days to win a tribute song and poem.

-Seth ( )

Windows and Flash version available. If Flash is too slow, try the native Windows version for super speed.

Tools used: Proton SDK ( ), Visual C++, , GarageBand iOS with cheapo midi keyboard that plugs in via the camera connector kit, SoundForge, Photoshop, sfxr



Coolness 52% 3
Overall 3.67 61
Audio 3.52 51
Fun 3.22 166
Graphics 3.07 321
Humor 1.81 469
Innovation 3.96 23
Mood 3.43 79
Theme 3.26 230


27. Aug 2012 · 05:59 CEST
Neat. I like it. Day 24.
28. Aug 2012 · 01:20 CEST
Hard game. Interesting concept.
28. Aug 2012 · 01:24 CEST
Nice, innovative idea. Would make a very fun game on a touch enabled device.
28. Aug 2012 · 01:26 CEST
Seems really quite interesting - I couldn't make it past day 3 though. :P The concept of expanding a city in space is pretty neat I must admit.
28. Aug 2012 · 01:26 CEST
I like the concept of the game, i love when games have some srategy involved!! :)
28. Aug 2012 · 01:27 CEST
Liked this one a lot. Really nice work. Graphics, sound and game play polish. It was an interesting concept. Seems really hard though to survive a wave.
28. Aug 2012 · 01:52 CEST
Really enjoyed this game, nice mechanics implemented very well. I cool twist on TD + asteroids!
28. Aug 2012 · 02:16 CEST
Great idea but really hard!
28. Aug 2012 · 03:44 CEST
A couple of things:
Some of the asteroids were a bit dark and hard for me to see. I wish you had a bit more control over where to put the blocks, but I guess that is the 'evolution' part of the game. Pretty neat concept, and well done. I agree with a previous comment that this could make a really cool android/Ipad game. Also I've been meaning to look at your Proton SDK and the source to this game will be a great place to start learning. Thanks for that.
28. Aug 2012 · 05:56 CEST
Cool game! Original too. I agree with the asteroids being too dark. Everything else seems pretty good, great job!
28. Aug 2012 · 06:54 CEST
Interesting concept. I played the web version.

A few things:
-With asteroids coming from every direction and a limited number of firing directions, passing a day seems almost luck based on your setup and the incoming asteroids.
-Firing and destroying your own station parts is just not fun in my opinion.

Nifty things:
-The idea of defending a station in space is neat.
-Firing at asteroids is fun. Maybe have a rotatable turret or something so you could hit asteroids coming from multiple directions?
-I like the idea of building up a station. A little bit of input into how the station is constructed would be nice.
28. Aug 2012 · 11:05 CEST
Very good and very tough, this one is worth coming back too.
28. Aug 2012 · 11:11 CEST
Oh I just want to add, the music is very atmospheric and adds a lot to the mood.
28. Aug 2012 · 11:40 CEST
Nice game. I also liked the tactical possibilities. I didn't like that my guns could shoot my city ;)
28. Aug 2012 · 20:49 CEST
Love the intro music, it was really good. It can become really good with some tweaking. Did not like that I had to press the turrets for them to fire, rather macro manage or something instead. The turrets could perhaps have a fire zone instead of a line.
28. Aug 2012 · 20:51 CEST
It would also be nice if you could pan around and zoom, had a hard time seeing the blocks when the plan buttons blocked the view.
30. Aug 2012 · 14:18 CEST
Interesting. First impression was that it was just down to luck in choosing the right configuration for your space station and I kinda dismissed it. It wasn't until my second go that I started to appreciate the depth and the amount of control you do have.

It does still feel a bit dependent on luck. Perhaps if you could rotate the space station to try to bring your guns to bear on the asteroids it would work a bit better?

Great job on the music, btw!
30. Aug 2012 · 18:30 CEST
Great game, though really hard.
Nice graphical style, possibly inspired by games like Vector TD or Captain Forever?
Ambient music style fits the game.
Highly innovative and fun.
If I were to suggest improvements:
Add "pause" button. It's annoying when you get a message from your friend and they expect a reply... but you can't pause the game.
Add different difficulty levels. At the moment, it's really hard! I managed about day 3, max!
Stop guns from pointing at each other. It's really irritating to have to shoot through your city to get a specific direction.
31. Aug 2012 · 20:33 CEST
It's very well done - sound and graphics both are simple, but in a good way. I also like the general idea a lot - it's like tower defense, except that it isn't :-) Always nice to see some new ideas implemented!

My biggest problem is that winning seems to depend too much on pure luck (that, or I'm just *very* bad). I'd like to have more interactivity in it. Maybe being able to move the cannons on the towers would already be enough.
02. Sep 2012 · 10:53 CEST
Mostly luck-based? I'm not sure. Either way, I love the mood. Great graphics and audio, too.
07. Sep 2012 · 01:40 CEST
Really cool idea. I'd love to see it fleshed out more. In particular, I found some of the objects a bit hard to see. It ran like butter on my flash. Keep up the fantastic work!
16. Sep 2012 · 23:21 CEST
That ending song is the next big thing.