Catamari Meowacy by SethR

made by SethR for LD23 (COMPO)
The evil wizard Zorlax has shrunk poor kitty! Eat food to grow and see if you can find him.

This gets weird. Sorry in advance.



Coolness 50% 3
Overall 3.00 410
Audio 3.09 187
Fun 3.16 244
Graphics 2.36 698
Humor 4.04 13
Innovation 2.34 701
Mood 3.05 234
Theme 2.64 611


23. Apr 2012 · 04:16 CEST
LOL. This might be the Citizen Kane of gaming that we've all been waiting for.
Andrew Marsh
23. Apr 2012 · 19:03 CEST
I have a netbook with a 1024x600 screen size, at first I was unable to see the bottom of the game window and there was no scrollbar. I was able to play by removing the paragraph on top and setting to fullscreen. Fun game. You were correct when you said it gets weird.
24. Apr 2012 · 20:44 CEST
I won't be able to shower for weeks!!!
24. Apr 2012 · 23:39 CEST
This ending makes sense.
Zorlax is so creepy... well done SethR!
25. Apr 2012 · 03:21 CEST
I was expecting the katamari intro music with "meows"
Tom 7
30. Apr 2012 · 05:52 CEST
Drugs are a great invention.
04. May 2012 · 09:35 CEST
I ragequit at level 4 (too hard)
Funny game
06. May 2012 · 02:49 CEST
Bullet hell when you have to jump from platform to platform combined with one hit kills is too difficult for me.
06. May 2012 · 04:39 CEST
Loved it, great job! The only reason I kept playing through that frustrating last level was to hear more from Zorlax. :P
06. May 2012 · 04:54 CEST
Zorlax is the epitome of game villainy. He needs to be revived in another game, in another universe, in another compo.
06. May 2012 · 05:02 CEST
Pretty cool! Good audio. I highly enjoy a bit of wackiness myself. Good thing this isn't on Kongregate; everyone would be asking you what you smoked to come up with the wacky ideas. They do that there for some reason.

However...the screen was effed no matter how much I changed the browser zoom, with the bottom part cut off. What the hell kind of screen are you using with that wacky size/positioning?

Enjoyed your game!
Scott Baker
06. May 2012 · 06:25 CEST
Not bad. I liked the growing feature. You watch me take a shower... really?
06. May 2012 · 08:02 CEST
best game ever.
06. May 2012 · 09:39 CEST
Such a catawacy (Russian for "muddle")...
I'm playing it and thinking: "How could nobody do such a game?" Zorlax
06. May 2012 · 09:41 CEST
(Sorry, accidentally pressed "Save")
Zorlax totally gave you both innovation and mood.
But the ending was bad. Try making a post-compo with a better one.
06. May 2012 · 17:35 CEST
Very cute and amusing.
06. May 2012 · 19:00 CEST
wow...I didn't die...good game...what is up with Zorlax...
06. May 2012 · 19:07 CEST
Very funny.
06. May 2012 · 19:35 CEST
Level 4 is a bit hard, but the ending is worth it!
06. May 2012 · 19:51 CEST
zorlax scared the hell out of me
06. May 2012 · 20:32 CEST
Well, the ending made me laugh, so that's good. ;)
06. May 2012 · 21:49 CEST

Lovely platformer! Has a lot of potential. Respawning was kinda weird, as you destroyed the projectiles, and could just attrition your way through.
06. May 2012 · 22:09 CEST
06. May 2012 · 22:47 CEST
Loved the bathetic ending, and the humour throughout. :D
06. May 2012 · 23:17 CEST
Why didn't I think of this?
07. May 2012 · 00:53 CEST
omg zorlax, haha. Nice platformer. Lot of humor there. Nice entry. A bit too difficult perhaps but I liked your game. :thumbsup:
07. May 2012 · 03:00 CEST
Hahaha this was hilarious. And it made my cat REALLY curious about the sounds coming from the computer. I love weird games like this, so great job. There are some issues that need some polish (hairball comes from the middle of the cat when it's big, one of the legs is not colored in one of the frames), and more levels and variety would be cool, but this could be a ridiculous and addicting little game.
07. May 2012 · 06:29 CEST
Dude... I'm gonna have nightmares with that face for a long time.

Loved the game despite that =P
07. May 2012 · 06:32 CEST
Sorry GLaDOS, you're not the most memorable/omnipresent villain in the history of videogames anymore.
07. May 2012 · 20:17 CEST
That was hilarious. The whole mood is great even with this simple mechanics. Level design was okay, too.
07. May 2012 · 23:57 CEST
LOL, instant like ôÔ
Great job for the voice acting and ... well ... story :-)
the collision detection is a little bit chunky, but it's totally ok.
09. May 2012 · 15:16 CEST
I LOLed at "I'm watching you take a shower!" We need more Zorlax games now...
13. May 2012 · 13:24 CEST
It's a good mechanic, and actually quite difficult in the later levels, but a bit of a short game. Has loads of character though!
14. May 2012 · 02:35 CEST
He's right! I am a cool cat!