Looney Ladders by mrfun

made by mrfun for LD19 (COMPO)
Enter a world of excitement and danger as you help a lonely janitor with back problems save the world from an army of evil robots.

TIPS: Don't use your mouse! Only use your keyboard (up/down and enter to select), otherwise the level select is buggy.



Coolness 1% 181
Overall 3.00 89
Audio 3.00 55
Community 3.22 74
Fun 3.55 29
Graphics 2.45 169
Humor 3.00 37
Innovation 2.36 169
Theme 1.44 240


20. Dec 2010 · 04:37 CET
Uh, it's not working (requires zlib1.dll).
20. Dec 2010 · 09:48 CET
Thanks Crono - I've added zlib.dll to the zip
20. Dec 2010 · 23:58 CET
Controls are a bit glitchy; guy moves unevenly, and it's hard to escape from dynamite. Is this just my system? (running game in Parallels; a virtual machine)
21. Dec 2010 · 05:05 CET
The guy moves glitchy (or stops..) if fps goes below 30.. on my windows box it gets 500+ fps so I think it may be due to the virtual machine. Anybody else have that prob?
22. Dec 2010 · 04:47 CET
I have no idea what you mean by enter for use... in order to use the elevators you have to press the up arrow. You press the up arrow to use the elevator in either direction (up or down) and press the down arrow to use the dynamite. I have no idea why you ever need the dynamite and I just kept using it by accident while trying to go down elevators over and over :)
I completed the 2nd level and was expecting to unlock the 3rd level, instead I could play the 2nd level again, but it was different... so I am assuming you have a random generator for each level. Should have removed other levels from the screen imo, but it was a decent game and I liked most of the audio! When not blowing myself up with dynamite I had fun.
22. Dec 2010 · 05:42 CET
The "use arrow keys to move and enter to select" message on the main menu is only for the main menu. Yeah I see how that could be confusing, it looks like it's meant for the whole game..

If you use the arrow keys and enter to choose your level, it should let you unlock all of them. If you use the mouse, it doesn't work right. Don't use the mouse at all!
22. Dec 2010 · 21:15 CET
Not bad. The graphics are kind of meh but that doesn't really matter.

The game itself is fairly simple but well implemented.

The audio is pretty silly which fits with the rest of the style.

I do like how you increased the range of the ladders to make the game a lot more easy and not frustrating.

My only big issue is the generator sometimes creates an elevator that leads to a room with noting in it. So it ends up being useless. But as I type this I realize you could use it in a pinch to escape a robot... so nevermind.

Simple but great job.
24. Dec 2010 · 19:08 CET
You live up to your name, mrfun. In that this game is fun. Yes. Can't give you much points for theme, but I very much enjoyed the rest of the game - and your level generator is fantastic. I only even realized the levels were generated about 5 levels in. They felt like they were designed by a human - a sadistic human that hates children.
24. Dec 2010 · 20:03 CET
Well, looks like the theme went out the window! But the ladders sure sound looney. I really respect that you went out of your way to represent my people in the main character. That's so unheard of. Also fun stuff... my only complaint is down for dynamite - running to catch a ladder down, I'd blow myself up or waste a stick. Nice of the little girls to bring me more.
25. Dec 2010 · 20:07 CET
The game is fun but I was not able to finish the 2d level, I saved all the children on screen, but the game was waiting for 2 more children...
28. Dec 2010 · 07:43 CET
Oops... there is bug with level generation on level 2 where sometimes it can't find enough spots to place children.. if you quit back to the main menu and restart the level it will try again.
29. Dec 2010 · 14:52 CET
Don't discredit deformed janitors! ;)

Quite fun game, albeit some hostage positions are tough. The random generation works quite well. Once a level is done you should stop movement. I had it twice that I died with the last hostage saved (but it counted as solved, thank god).
07. Jan 2011 · 14:39 CET
Fun game, pretty challenging in the later levels.
In what kind of school do the children carry dynamite? :D