Blow Up Wikipedia by ExciteMike

made by ExciteMike for MINI12 (COMPO)
Compo version:

Wasted SO much time tweaking things that didn't need more tweaking. Didn't make it to a state I would call finished, but here is where I am 5 minutes from the deadline. This version was horrible and stupid. :( Play the other one.


I was actually really close to having something I would be happy with, though. After the deadline I put in a few more hours and came up with something I am reasonably happy with!


* You don't actually type out words.

* Pressing (or holding!) a key shoots at the leftmost word containing that character.

* The most common letters in the English language are e, t, a, o, i, and n. In that order.

* If you are aiming at a word in the back, you can still hit words that are between you and it.

Credit where due:

* "Star Perv" font is by Anna Anhropy -

* Music generated using WolframTones -

* All other code and assets are Public Domain. See license.txt in the source zip.