Wiki Warrior by nixpins

made by nixpins for MINI12 (COMPO)
Wiki Warrior is my first LD project, and I'm pretty satisfied with the result.

The game itself is a fairly generic top-down shooter/shmup type of game, with health bars and enemies with variable speed, damage, score value, etc.

The theme integration, WIKIPEDIA, involves:
Grabbing a random Featured Article from Wikipedia
Downloading the first image attached to the article in hopes that it's relevant, and display it as the background
Get a list of links from the article, and use it to generate enemy objects

Hastily cobbled together sounds exist, courtesy of sfxr.

Not mentioned in the included readme (Oops!), are the controls:
Arrow keys to move, space to shoot, escape to quit at most any time.
Also, the game will download images from wikipedia and store them on your hard drive, so be sure to clear out the 'images' directory if you need to clear up space. (Not quite sure why I didn't have the game do that itself. Oh well)

For a post-compo version, I wouldn't mind throwing in a boss feature of some sort, polishing up the graphics (a lot), doing more well thought-out sound effects, and possibly background music.