Wikiventure by AtkinsSJ

made by AtkinsSJ for MINI12 (COMPO)
BUGFIX: Just added a line of code which should mean that you can have any number of tags in other tags without anything breaking. Yay!

This game has the DNF bonus theme because the content will never be finished. Ahah, see what I did there? Yeah, not very clever. Oh well.

Wikiventure is a wiki-based choose-your-own adventure, with a bunch of 'tags' to enable simple scripting, items, and conversations. Documentation can be found at the 'Documentation' link below.

The large majority of the game was written by random people. Thanks random people! So I can't really credit myself with the content. Oh, well.

Oh, and the screenshot is from really early on, but I didn't think it was worth taking another one. ;) It's a web page, the page is probably smaller than the image is.