FUNNY FROG! by kplbe

made by kplbe for MINI15 (COMPO)
This is my clone of the very old "perestroika" game. It is written in java with lwjgl. Sources needs to be cleanup, i'll probably post them later.
You need the vm 1.6 to run it (perhaps it works with 1.5 but i've not tried). It works for sure on windows XP but i've not tried with linux.
The goal is to find the gold money by jumping on nenuphars.
Gold gives you 1000 points.
Diamons gives you 100 points.

use spacebar to start game (or restart on gameover)
use arrows to jump on nenuphars.

this is my first entry for an LD event! It's far to be perfect but i'm tired and i've to work toworrow!

Have fun!