Command War by Suese

made by Suese for MINI33 (-)
On-line hexagonal warfare! Up to 6 players.

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24. Mar 2012 · 09:48 CET
There should be computer enemies..
24. Mar 2012 · 09:58 CET
7 days to make this game AND AI? What am I a machine?! hehe. Actually I've had a lot of wonderful feedback, and love to hear it. I will consider adding AI if/when I make updates!
24. Mar 2012 · 10:23 CET
Noticed a bug: if you created a game and go offline, it will not be deleted -> I was able to join a game as new player I previously hosted .
24. Mar 2012 · 13:24 CET
Thanks. Some suggestion from other players include adding a 30 second turn timer. Larger maps, and one interesting suggestion was to remove luck/random from the game, adding 'health' and 'damage' instead of using dice-rolling to resolve combat.