Node Reviver by PVince81

made by PVince81 for MINI33 (-)
You are a node reviver, your job is to reconnect nodes that have lost their connections to each other.
Move from node to node using the arrow keys.
The connections between nodes will become active once you've passed over them.
The goal is to activate all connections to finish the level.
Note that you can only move when standing on a node, so you need to plan your moves accordingly, especially when drones are around.

There are two types of drone:
- orange drone: just wanders around
- red drone: follows you using the shortest path

This game was written in Python and uses Pygame internally.

The Linux version requires you to have Python and Pygame installed:
- Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install python-pygame
- openSUSE: sudo zypper install python-pygame

Note that there is no sound, as I didn't have enough time for that.

Have fun!


Edit: added sources and comment about sound



25. Mar 2012 · 03:56 CEST
Really nice game, Everything fits! It feels pretty cyberpunkish with its pseudo hacking and that thrilling storyline. For some reason sound's not working on my Ubuntu, but that's probably an error on my side.
25. Mar 2012 · 10:52 CEST
I like it very much. A nice taste of humor, somehow very good game speed..

Sounds doesn't seem to work on Arch Linux (32bit, ALSA, Asus EeePC 1000H) thought.

How come no source? (see rule 6. )

Would love to cover on foss games blog if released under foss license :)

25. Mar 2012 · 16:28 CEST
Sorry, forgot to mention that there is no sound. Didn't have time for it.

For the source, I thought it was only for LD, not MiniLD. :-)
I'd be glad to release it as FOSS after the compo.
Will publish the source soon though.
25. Mar 2012 · 22:52 CEST
NO sound? Guess I was misleaded by the .wav files, then. :P
26. Mar 2012 · 07:58 CEST
Okay I lied... sound is disabled because I didn't have time to polish it and it sounded horrible and was not in sync with the game.
I knew I shouldn't have included those wav files ;-)