R-v-B by NeiloGD

made by NeiloGD for MINI33 (-)
MiniLD 33 Doodles: R-v-B


Mouse to click and command units. (any mouse button).
A to toggle attack move (cursor is white for normal move, red for attack move).
Ctrl+0-9 for setting control groups.
0-9 to select control group.

You get 10 soldiers, 5 archers, 1 siege unit. Have fun :D

If you don't want to play on LAN, you can just play vs AI. The difficulty is randomised each time you play it.

<3 you Cell for the sprites ^_^

NOTE: The matchmaking is a bit ropey, it only works on a LAN (still using my IRC matchmaking code). Sometimes the game may lock up on start during "Setting up network...", this is happening is happening inside of one of the libraries I use :( Closing it down and restarting should work. I'll be going a different route next networked game I make, especially for an LD or MiniLD >_<