Toukaerb by Eelfroth

made by Eelfroth for MINI33 (-)
I made this fairly simple game to familiarize myself with the new environment I'm using. It is a more constructive interpretation of classic Breakout: instead of destroying blocks, you create them. See how many blocks you can make before losing your ball or getting it stuck.
But there's an alternative way of playing this: try to get the ball stuck deliberately, using as few blocks as possible.

It's not doodle-based in any way, bit I'm submiting anyways. Maybe, on a more abstract level, you could consider the game itself a doodle... ah, nevermind.

Controls: mouse or arrow keys. Space or mousebutton resets.



20. Mar 2012 · 16:14 CET
Nice game idea here! I didn't know about processing, I'll give it a try!
24. Mar 2012 · 09:54 CET
Nice idea, but too much screen effects..