Rogue-Life by SethR

made by SethR for LD34 (JAM)
Rogue-Life is a weird experimental thing that crosses a board game, a rogue-like, and the hollow illusion of controlling that random dungeon of existence we've each received.

Can you find meaning before you "Grow" old and die? There are 5 of them to find.


* You are always aging (even while standing still), and you will eventually die
* Don't waste your life on the wrong jobs, different jobs give different emotional benefits as well as pay. For instance, a Soup Kitchen pays $0 but raises your Self Acceptance
* Some lives cannot be happy or successful no matter what you do
* Overcoming an obstacle (the pad-locked doors) give a bonus to all stats
* Your stats change with age. For instance, your Physical will go down as you enter old age, and your Self Acceptance takes a hit in your teenage years
* Meanings are marked by trophies icons - you can zoom out with your mouse wheel to see where they are easier

I'm not ever sure if it's possible to find all "meaning" in a single life before dying. 3 out 5 is my best.



* Well, I made what I set out to do
* It's funny in weird and unexpected ways, like to accept lack of control and chaos (one of the meanings) you may need to murder someone
* "Pushing" against a job to continue working there is a nice easy way to control things
* Got a bit more comfortable with Unity and WegGL


* It's kind of boring. You end up pushing against everything without even reading what's happening
* The more text and numbers I removed, the better it plays. But don't feel like doing that
* The random stuff is way too random, each life is completely different and some don't make sense. Hey, maybe that's fitting though


15. Dec 2015 · 02:14 CET
Pretty interesting social commentary! I'm sure this would be pretty fun when expanded upon!
15. Dec 2015 · 02:42 CET
Cool concept for a game!
15. Dec 2015 · 03:36 CET
Brutal! I love this kind of games. The random style, the satire/analise about and connected with life, is just great! I think it have great potential to be even more funny and playable, but like it is, and played for the first moment it was really nice.
15. Dec 2015 · 04:02 CET
This game is making me rethink life. WHERE IS ALL THE TIME GOING!?
15. Dec 2015 · 04:02 CET
Really cool concept. At times it was frustrating because I had no idea where to go, or saw a goal but had no way to achieve it... but I guess that's the whole point, eh?

Good stuff!
15. Dec 2015 · 06:46 CET
I liked the game it was really nice. I would think you would need a little bit more time to find whats important in the game but other than that the graphics are awesome. The choices were really hard to read because i was hurrying through to find what was good and what was bad. Otherwise Good job on the game it was very fun.
16. Dec 2015 · 09:57 CET
It's a cool concept. The pace of the game seemed to be too fast tho. I didn't read almost anything because I was too busy speeding through the corridors of my short life. :P
17. Dec 2015 · 10:07 CET
Quite an original idea and well executed!
18. Dec 2015 · 15:08 CET
I managed to find meaning in my life by, at the age of 80, aiming for finding meaning through excitement, taking some drugs, allowing me to finding "meaning", and then immediately dying. =)

Was pretty fun, definitely felt the pressure of running the rat maze of a busy life. Mostly stopped reading text and just picking up everything though, until I saw a meaning and glanced around to see if there was any immediate gratification that would allow me to grasp it.
21. Dec 2015 · 04:57 CET
interesting idea - nice use of theme - great job