Animal Jousting by SimianLogic

made by SimianLogic for LD32 (JAM)

Animal Jousting is a party-style card game for 3-5 players. There are 5 types of cards:

Mount -- your jousting vehicle. Can be S/M/L and gives you POWER.
Rider -- S/M/L, can only ride on mounts their size or BIGGER. Riders have 1/2/3 INTELLIGENCE, as well as a weakness and a strength.
Weapon -- Requires 1/2/3 Intelligence. Grants POWER. Will be of damage type Poking/Distracting/Food
Draw -- drag onto the discard pile to draw more cards
Buff -- single-use combat buff

If your character is weak to your opponent's weapon, you get -3 POWER.
If your character is strong to your opponent's weapon, you get +3 POWER.

If your opponent is strong to your weapon, they get +3 POWER.
If your opponent is weak to your weapon, they get -3 POWER.


(Sadly we ran out of time before getting the actual joust animation working, but the game should be playable and winnable).

Design/Code: @SimainLogic
Art/Animation: @ArtGuyStanley
Music: @Atlas30577

post-compo fixes: just a few crashes and typos. memory is kinda leaky (I think it's the tween engine I use), so I lowered the win condition to 7 wins instead of 10

BONUS: added a post-compo print & play version into our github repo just for fun:


Coolness 71% 3
Overall(Jam) 3.73 136
Audio(Jam) 3.33 252
Fun(Jam) 3.38 270
Graphics(Jam) 4.21 103
Humor(Jam) 4.03 35
Innovation(Jam) 3.79 110
Mood(Jam) 3.49 217
Theme(Jam) 4.13 49


21. Apr 2015 · 03:55 UTC
Interesting idea with the hand passing, etc. Also great artwork. Takes a while to figure out a good strategy.
21. Apr 2015 · 06:02 UTC
Impressive work! Very nice graphics, and so much of it! Liked the mechanics too, definitely one of the better card games in the competition.
21. Apr 2015 · 09:58 UTC
Interesting and fun, if a little buggy. I liked the artwork and the silly weapons a lot. The audio got a bit repetitive, though. Good job!
21. Apr 2015 · 20:58 UTC
Funny and interesting. The art is pretty well too ! Good job !
21. Apr 2015 · 21:01 UTC
A panda with a laser pointer on a drone!
21. Apr 2015 · 21:21 UTC
Fun! The art is pretty great except the color choices hurt the eyes. Try generally cranking down that saturation, use tone (lights and darks) more so than color to control what draws the eye. Use higher saturation minimally to make stuff pop usually mid saturation is more then enough.
21. Apr 2015 · 22:08 UTC
Music felt a bit weird for gameplay. Couldn't seem to get the actual jousting part of the gameplay working.
21. Apr 2015 · 22:53 UTC
I rarely see anyone make card games for Ludum Dare, but this one is really well done. It's a lot of fun to see how many combinations of cards you can make, even if it's unable to stay undefeated for long. It would be amazing if this could be developed more, especially if the ability to customize decks or play against other people was added. As it is, this is still a really cool game~
local minimum
22. Apr 2015 · 20:26 UTC
I didn't bother too much with the fighting mechanics, I was having too much fun just seeing how you built your mounted animals. Gorilla with pug as weapon seemed hard to beat. Naturally. Very fun. Only a pity one didn't get to see the clash and the looser flying away. I didn't really get if there was a limit to how many cards could be drawn from the deck to fill out the hand and since I didn't see any limit to it, the draw two cards seemed no so useful. If drawing extra cards cost something more obviously. Or maybe add a card that allows for other cards to be trashed while still maintaining the turn? I got to 6 victory points, and it would have been nice with an indicator showing the first to (now) 7 in game. But other than that, a fantastically fun game.
25. Apr 2015 · 08:08 UTC
Such card game, much fun. I love card games and this one is good and funny.
25. Apr 2015 · 08:15 UTC
Graphically very attractive game with plenty of combination, it's so much fun. Good job!
27. Apr 2015 · 21:10 UTC
I'm not sure if AI even plays, they didn't do anything more than hand passing, but still. I'd gladly play Animal Jousting as a real card game. Think of print on demand version, really.
27. Apr 2015 · 21:12 UTC
Pretty much a flawless game, nicely done. Lots of fun!
27. Apr 2015 · 22:32 UTC
I literally have no idea what I'm supposed to do. I start your game and it just starts flipping out cards like nobody's business. A tutorial would be helpful and not just text in the description.
30. Apr 2015 · 18:43 UTC
Hilarious!! Very fun to play!
30. Apr 2015 · 18:51 UTC
Very well done game design.
30. Apr 2015 · 21:34 UTC
The idea is brilliant, one of the best I've seen so far, and the visual style is fantastic as well.

My only gripe is a couple of bugs that I've experienced related to cards that get stuck somehow and can't be moved later. Also, the remaining players turns are way too fast, so at times you can lose track of the game sequencing.

Other than this, a really solid entry. (and funny! Have you considered adding some animal sound effects for a hypothetic post-compo version?)

Awesome job!!
06. May 2015 · 19:14 UTC
It took me a little while to figure it out, but was fun once I did. I really like the concept. The art is impressive. Could be a lot of fun!
06. May 2015 · 19:27 UTC
Great idea! I like card games. But some times it works strange - may be bugs may be I don't understand something.
06. May 2015 · 20:42 UTC
Really great entry. Enjoyed it a lot. So funny and innovative.