Refresh by MrTedders

made by MrTedders for LD31 (COMPO)
What happens when the game goes to the next game area but the previous one overlaps.

ARrow keys and spcae to play.

Didn't have time to make sounds and a little cut short D:



Coolness 46% 1500
Overall 3.13 631
Fun 3.06 581
Graphics 2.84 706
Humor 3.32 136
Innovation 3.52 289
Mood 3.26 286
Theme 3.77 341


08. Dec 2014 · 04:54 UTC
Brilliant! Very cool way of tackling the "Entire Game on One Screen" concept. Nice work!
08. Dec 2014 · 07:28 UTC
Bizarre and painful to look at, but interesting nonetheless.
08. Dec 2014 · 07:28 UTC
A great take on the theme! Love the glitches animation too, it adds a lot to the mood.
08. Dec 2014 · 07:42 UTC
A little hard to see; I liked the idea, but had trouble actually playing with it. Nice game, either way.
08. Dec 2014 · 08:21 UTC
Really cool concept and great use of the theme! A bit much on the glitchiness for my taste, but it does add a nice effect. Love the weird art, too!
08. Dec 2014 · 08:21 UTC
really good idea !
Slashee the Cow
08. Dec 2014 · 08:23 UTC
Well that was just... bizarre.
08. Dec 2014 · 08:31 UTC
Amazing concept which perfectly fits the theme...
Too bad for the lack of time (I understand why you withdrew from Music).
I got more or less stuck at the level with the hero stuck in a tunnel and jumping bunnies above, maybe that was also the end of the game?

Finished or not, this game deserves a good grade!
08. Dec 2014 · 08:33 UTC
Great use of the theme. The glitched environment was really cool even if it was a bit confusing at first. That mario guy was creepy, haha!
08. Dec 2014 · 08:37 UTC
I like it. Iteresting idea, funny graphics.
Thanks for the game!
08. Dec 2014 · 13:53 UTC
Hum... nice. I WILL WIN è_é
09. Dec 2014 · 17:46 UTC
Quite glitchy. I Included it in part 3 of my Ludum Dare 31 compilation video series, if you would like to check it out :)
10. Dec 2014 · 23:40 UTC
I like the concept of one screen level. I died a lot though, for some reason jumping on enemies sometimes killed the enemy and sometimes killed me...
The glitch is nice.
11. Dec 2014 · 08:43 UTC
Weird game but i like it's concept!Bravo!
11. Dec 2014 · 10:42 UTC
Hi there. Couldn't get past 1-2, bad timing on my part I think. Shame no sounds. Nice idea having it evolve in same space. Good job!
11. Dec 2014 · 18:36 UTC
Ooh! I was waiting to see this kind of funky glitchy game. Concept works really well. Graphics make feel sick in a good way :D
11. Dec 2014 · 19:23 UTC
very neato idea!!