No Name by Mr-Hide

made by Mr-Hide for LD30 (JAM)
Unfinished game, because 72h is not enough.

Menu :
and arrows to select a level, to play a level.

In Game :
Arrows to control the knight. Right CTRL to slash.

Made with :
C++, Allegro5, Inkscape, Gimp, Spine, Tiled, TMX, Box2D
By: Cytoo and Baylej


Coolness 42% 1523
Overall(Jam) 2.00 787
Fun(Jam) 1.95 754
Graphics(Jam) 2.70 638
Innovation(Jam) 1.81 757
Mood(Jam) 2.11 697
Theme(Jam) 1.74 753


25. Aug 2014 · 23:23 UTC
I can't play the game because I'm on Linux, but I looked at the source and gave you all 1/5s because you used allegro instead of raw SDL.

(Not really.)
27. Aug 2014 · 11:13 UTC
Hi, would've liked to try this out. But I cant start the game. Im only getting a black screen with the numbers 1 and 2 in the top left corner...

Im on windows 7 64-bit ultimate, 8GB DDR3 RAM, I7 quad and a Geforce 760GTX
27. Aug 2014 · 14:03 UTC

This is the menu (I had no time to make a real menu)
Use the arrows to select level 1 or 2 and press enter to play.
28. Aug 2014 · 14:46 UTC
It's okay for a game in 48 hours!
28. Aug 2014 · 14:48 UTC
Work on your scope management and it could be a nice melee platformer. Dudes in armor make me feel nostalgic about days spend running around in a suite made of ill-fitting metal plates, getting crushed by guys in shining steel. Standing up, and flying through the air from a hit with the shield. Good old days of pain and sweat.
28. Aug 2014 · 21:35 UTC
Intro screen with the level selection thing needs to be more clear. Use the arrow keys to select 1 or 2 then hit space I believe to choose that level.

I had a lot of fun jumping on Skeleton heads. Also took me a long time to figure out how to attack (Right Control?)

It's a basic-y platformer with killer skeletons! Art was neat. I would've liked to see some bonus pickups or something. Good job!
Robot Souls Games
28. Aug 2014 · 21:58 UTC
Nothing to do with the theme. Nice graphics, though.
28. Aug 2014 · 22:27 UTC
I didn't find the game much exciting, but the graphics are ok. Just don't use texturefillers with the gimp, it really doesnt look good.
29. Aug 2014 · 22:37 UTC
Thank you for your reviews.

I did the skeleton and the Knight, but the tiles are from OpenGameArt.
30. Aug 2014 · 23:40 UTC
Wow you used Spine, Tiled and Box2D for a Ludum Dare game o_O ? Sounds way too complicated for a 72h game jam, maybe you should have picked some simplier tools. Keep going!
06. Sep 2014 · 11:28 UTC
Nice little game, would've been epic if there was a soundtrack and animations on damage taken. Jumpin on skeletons is always fun.
However I do not understand what is has to do with the theme
06. Sep 2014 · 19:03 UTC

I'm the second developper there. First of all, thanks you guys for your feedback. As you can imagine @dancingmad, using all those relatively "custom" tools (and often to learn how they work on the fly :/ ) is slowing us down. But it also add some proud and stuff so I think we'll keep doing like that, even if drawing and animating a skeleton takes a whole day.

We initially wanted to have 2 differents level connected with portals that would spawn skeletons, and you would have to go in hell to fix up the world of the living and end the map but we lacked of time :).

The feedback is interesting, so keep going if anyone else is willing to share its 2 cents.
13. Sep 2014 · 23:49 UTC
I couldn't finish the first mission because i was not able to jump after killing the second skeleton. Anyway, the graphics are really good, the combat seems a little weird, too easy. Adding audio would have been nice.