Worldly Traveler by MrTedders

made by MrTedders for LD30 (COMPO)

Oh no! Your a long ways from home without the proper coordinates to get home. Maybe some of the locals on near by planets can show you the way!?

##CONTROLS##: left mouse button to move. X to interact. Play with the computer panel to make stuff happen (hint: screws).

Unity, Gimp, jfxr,audacity, mouse, keyboard, microphone, two monitors, gallons of tea, lack of sleep, rubix cube, orchestral music


Coolness 100% 1
Overall 3.09 676
Audio 2.46 689
Fun 2.72 830
Graphics 3.13 534
Humor 2.77 312
Innovation 2.87 768
Mood 3.30 296
Theme 3.08 681


25. Aug 2014 · 05:01 UTC
Loved this whole thing! It all feels very mysterious and made me wonder
25. Aug 2014 · 05:20 UTC
This looks like a cool game! But that walking sound... Anyway, I couldn't figure out what to do :( I went to the gems and the launch button just kept making explosions and I couldn't seem to interact with the environment. And once I was outside, there was no coming back! I think an instruction page would be a good idea. But I love the style of your game and the eerie, mysterious, otherworldly vibe it has. nice job :)
25. Aug 2014 · 06:03 UTC
Moody game. Some instructions would have been nice but I guess finding things on your own is part of it's charm. :)
25. Aug 2014 · 06:13 UTC
I like idea it feels little like Neverhood
25. Aug 2014 · 06:23 UTC
Hard to understand what I was supposed to do at first. Loved the way his fit juggle on the floor :D
25. Aug 2014 · 06:34 UTC
Liked a lot the way, how you must activate your ship. And overall very interestiong concept)
From Smiling
25. Aug 2014 · 06:42 UTC
Pretty enjoyable!! Lots of mystery to discover and it feels good too ' u '
25. Aug 2014 · 07:23 UTC
Game is really interesting...but oh god the walking noise.
25. Aug 2014 · 07:24 UTC
Fantastic game, but a bit hard to figure out.
25. Aug 2014 · 07:36 UTC
Walking sound is great :)
25. Aug 2014 · 07:47 UTC
Interesting art. I don't get the computer controls though.. It's like my first Win8 experience all over again.
Please explain better how to control computer - or is it part of a puzzle.
25. Aug 2014 · 07:47 UTC
This was fantastic. Loved every bit (minus the walking noise :P )
25. Aug 2014 · 08:15 UTC
Took a while to figure out the computer and still not sure...
Love the animation though.
25. Aug 2014 · 08:26 UTC
Cool :)
25. Aug 2014 · 08:30 UTC
As the others, too hard to understand but pretty, nice stuff overall
25. Aug 2014 · 08:33 UTC
Really cool, i really like these mysterious games. took me a while to figure out the travelling.
Kedume Bits
25. Aug 2014 · 08:37 UTC
I like a lot the graphics. I've been playing for a while but i don't know what to do (i've pulled out the screws but nothing else...).
Ryan Melmoth
25. Aug 2014 · 08:57 UTC
I like the aesthetics! Would be nice if in-game it tells you to press X to interact, and maybe about the screws, other than that I really enjoyed the mystery and discovery!
25. Aug 2014 · 10:36 UTC
Nice style, it reminds me to The Neverhood, do you know it?
25. Aug 2014 · 11:00 UTC
Took me a while to find out what I need to do. (maybe is just me). Nice game tho.
Franklins Ghost
25. Aug 2014 · 12:07 UTC
Liked the interactivity and mood but not sure what I was meant to do.
25. Aug 2014 · 12:37 UTC
very funny, i really enjoyed walking animations, whole game is very stylish and amazing.
25. Aug 2014 · 14:09 UTC
I wasn't really sure what to do in the beginning, everything was very cryptic, but I think that works in favor of the game. When I finally managed to launch to another planet, I felt proud for figuring something out! A very cool and mysterious game.
25. Aug 2014 · 14:16 UTC
What happened? Am I dead? Game screen went black when I entered building in the last (?) planet... Is this it?

Hint for people, who are looking how to play: unscrew the "computer" panel, move white pieces to it, then toggle buttons with particular symbols & launch your ship to planets they direct to. Or something like that. Loved the game!
25. Aug 2014 · 21:17 UTC
the hint was helpful, so thanks for that!
otherwise, the game was fun, though I think the sounds need some work (or at least a lower volume).
25. Aug 2014 · 21:41 UTC
it was hard. hard and buggy xD
25. Aug 2014 · 21:43 UTC
Very charming! Took me a while to figure out what to do, but I liked exploring the planets once I did. I actually liked trying to figure out what to do, although the screws could stand out a bit more. Good job!
25. Aug 2014 · 22:23 UTC
That was quite strange, and once I got the control panel figured out, the rest was just really repetitive until I got the world with all the gems selected, went into a building, and then black screen. Is this the end? I really don't know.
25. Aug 2014 · 22:25 UTC
Love the running animation!
25. Aug 2014 · 22:45 UTC
Loved the walkcycle! I was only able to make it to one planet though :<
25. Aug 2014 · 23:32 UTC
Think I managed to finish it finally! Nice concept.
26. Aug 2014 · 00:36 UTC
I had fun with this after I figured out how to work the computer.
Note: the game bugs out if I press launch while I'm landing.
I liked the touch with the water world after you take the gem ;)
Wish you could've added more interesting things to the other planets.
Oh yeah, and the walk sound is annoying ;)
26. Aug 2014 · 00:44 UTC
I had fun with this after I figured out how to work the computer.
Note: the game bugs out if I press launch while I'm landing.
I liked the touch with the water world after you take the gem ;)
Wish you could've added more interesting things to the other planets.
Oh yeah, and the walk sound is annoying ;)

btw, what was the gun for?
and hint to everyone else: the crossed out planets are ones that don't have gems on them; I had thought they were ones that I had been to.
I made it to his house, pretty depressing planet :)
26. Aug 2014 · 02:27 UTC
Interesting take on the theme. I like the ridiculous graphics, audio was good. I like puzzle games like this. Popping off control panels and such! Old school bread and butter!
26. Aug 2014 · 02:28 UTC
So far, this has been my favourite LD30 entry! Love the art style and mood. Reminded me a little of The Neverhood which is a total win. Really can stress enough how much I love the mood of this!
26. Aug 2014 · 07:22 UTC
Mysterious! I did not manage to figure out the computer once I got the cover off, though.
26. Aug 2014 · 08:30 UTC
Too clever for me. Didn't know what to do. I loved that really weird graphics and animations, and the audio.. well it suited the graphics. Very interesting... and odd ;).
26. Aug 2014 · 08:58 UTC
Some in game hinds would be nice.
26. Aug 2014 · 15:51 UTC
Neat game, though the walking sound gives me the creeps :D
local minimum
26. Aug 2014 · 18:21 UTC
I really liked the way the character was walking but I simply did not understand what to do / how to navigate the ship.
26. Aug 2014 · 19:48 UTC
Highly moody atmospheric. Graphics are A+. I felt a but lost and being an impatient person this isn't what I would normally elect to play, but I see the charm and it is very well-made :D Good luck!
26. Aug 2014 · 20:56 UTC
Wow, fantastic! It was a blast to just mess around with for quite some time, and the graphics are seriously triply and awesome. Excellent!
27. Aug 2014 · 16:45 UTC
Couldn't figure it out. Maybe make it easier in the beginning, and getting harder later.
27. Aug 2014 · 19:06 UTC
Awesome walk animation, could look at it for hours! shame the game is so short. would like to have seen more :D
27. Aug 2014 · 19:06 UTC
Loved it. I almost missed how to move the ship, though. And that black screen is really the end?
27. Aug 2014 · 20:45 UTC
Love the graphics! I included it in part 10 of my Ludum Dare 30 compilation video series :)
John Drury
28. Aug 2014 · 19:44 UTC
Really confused on what to do. I took out the panel on my control system and picked up the stone and clicked on the buttons but didn't know what to do after.
29. Aug 2014 · 00:46 UTC
character design is amazing authentic but i dont cant activate the ship! thats make me feel sad.. and very idiot :(
29. Aug 2014 · 18:50 UTC
Hi there. Really like your game. The crazy graphics, the machine, the circuits, the galactic map - or whatever it is. Bookmarked for another look later. Good job!
30. Aug 2014 · 03:03 UTC
Intriguing idea and interesting world travel mechanic. But too laggy. At some moment computer interface not closed and staying on creen overlaying backgounds. So the character walked on the computer interface, HAH!
30. Aug 2014 · 05:51 UTC
Impressive the atmosphere that this game creates with so little. Bizarre worlds with bizarre things, you can't even figure out what you are! Immersion is helped (maybe inadvertently) with the time spent inside "ship" trying to make the computer work.

Amazing game.
02. Sep 2014 · 18:05 UTC
Great pixel art.
15. Sep 2014 · 08:55 UTC
Didn't get idea what to do, but liked mood and animation of moving %)
15. Sep 2014 · 14:33 UTC
Great entry! I had some trouble at first understanding what to do, I feel like the visual language is muddled and it is hard as a player to read the computer. However, I really enjoy the idea, execution (outside of visual language) and mood of this game. Really great concept. Nice work!
15. Sep 2014 · 15:01 UTC
Magnific atmosphere. I had a lot of fun figuring out how the traveling system works.