Lake Monster by SimianLogic

made by SimianLogic for LD29 (JAM)
You are the loch ness monster! But not quite what everyone thinks.

Touch the screen to extend a tentacle (it will follow your mouse).
Your tentacle can only grow so long...

Snatch the tourists! Don't get caught!

I was juuuuuust about to finish better collision, but the deadline has come and I reverted
back to crappy box collision. Beware the sonar/headlight/thingies! They have VERY generous hit rects.

This was my wife's first Ludum Dare! This was a fun weekend project -- got to teach her C# and a bit of Unity programming.
We built it with Futile + Unity + a custom UI toolset that I've been working on.


Coolness 59% 3
Overall(Jam) 3.42 232
Fun(Jam) 3.73 54
Graphics(Jam) 3.31 401
Humor(Jam) 3.50 95
Innovation(Jam) 3.85 43
Mood(Jam) 3.58 152
Theme(Jam) 3.70 109


29. Apr 2014 · 01:26 UTC
Great idea, well-executed. Sometimes it's very easy to catch a tourist because of the submarine hitbox.

Nice game, I enjoyed it !
29. Apr 2014 · 01:32 UTC
I like this color and style (80's?) The gameplay is also feeling fresh. most points go to mood, graphics, theme, fun and innovation.. Good job!
30. Apr 2014 · 05:32 UTC
Well done, I like this idea very much :)
30. Apr 2014 · 12:49 UTC
Well executed game! Had a lot of fun :-)
30. Apr 2014 · 20:04 UTC
A great idea, and nice game. The submarine hitbox was a challenge. I couldn't complete Level 5
01. May 2014 · 09:29 UTC
nice Game !!
06. May 2014 · 07:06 UTC
Gah, why do people keep using unity, it sucks, & isn't usable on some computers, also old browsers, although most people here wouldn't be using old browsers, it still doesn't work on a lot of computers.
06. May 2014 · 07:13 UTC
Nice idea and well executed. Lovely art style as well.
06. May 2014 · 18:50 UTC
Great presentation. Simple but fun mechanics. Had a problem with submarine turnings, but otherwise it's good.
06. May 2014 · 18:56 UTC
Lovely graphics! Very challenging game but a lot of fun!
09. May 2014 · 08:16 UTC
This is so fun! Very nice entry!
11. May 2014 · 06:32 UTC
If you can, take time to make more level, some more gamplay mechanics, and and 2 ergonomic improvement : higlight who catch you when you're seen, and don't instant revert boat, but make a small rotate time and animation. You perhaps have the next angry bird killer :p
11. May 2014 · 08:26 UTC
5 out of 5 for innovation
11. May 2014 · 09:50 UTC
Very good idea! I had a good laugh. I could not hear any sound. But still a great entry!
11. May 2014 · 10:13 UTC
I loved this game!

I really like the visuals and the fact that Nessie isn't quite what we expected!

The mechanics are really good and not something I've come across before. Just wish the hit boxes were a bit more forgiving but you're aware of that.

Great stuff. :)
11. May 2014 · 23:02 UTC
Liked it, one question, as a Scottish person - Newcastle Journal?!
17. May 2014 · 17:28 UTC
This had a completely different "feel" compared to all the other games I've played (and by no means is that a bad thing) along with the art style. I liked it. :)
Dutchess Games
17. May 2014 · 17:57 UTC
Great mechanic! Finding the true form of nessy was really funny. Also I might borrow the way you made the tentacle for our game.
17. May 2014 · 18:05 UTC
Really interesting. Love the press intermedes.
Maybe you should add some more mecanics (kill some boats with temporary powers, moving tourists, ...).

Good start !
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