Firefly by KevinWorkman

made by KevinWorkman for LD29 (JAM)
You are a yellow firefly. Your mate is the other yellow firefly. Use your arrow keys (or tilt your Android device) to meet your mate.

This is more a meditative toy than it is an actual game, so mostly sit back and enjoy the light show.

I finished this in 48 hours, but I'm entering the jam because I got the pictures from here ( and the piano notes from here (

This game was made with libGDX.

PS- Yes I know that only male fireflies fly. I'm okay with that. :)


Coolness 88% 2
Overall(Jam) 3.00 491
Audio(Jam) 3.20 304
Fun(Jam) 2.57 580
Graphics(Jam) 3.64 269
Humor(Jam) 1.92 598
Innovation(Jam) 3.19 289
Mood(Jam) 3.63 132
Theme(Jam) 1.89 735


28. Apr 2014 · 04:03 CEST
Light production in fireflies is due to a type of chemical reaction called bioluminescence. This process occurs in specialized light-emitting organs, usually on a firefly's lower abdomen. The enzyme luciferase acts on the luciferin, in the presence of magnesium ions, ATP, and oxygen to produce light. -Wikipedia

Nice little hallucinogen-amplifier you got there!
28. Apr 2014 · 12:26 CEST
Nice effects
28. Apr 2014 · 15:40 CEST
I liked the mood of this game. I also liked the way the lights seem to be synchronized to the music. How did you do that? Hard-coded? Are the piano notes played randomly? Am I just imagining that the lights are synced?
28. Apr 2014 · 17:54 CEST
That was a pretty interesting idea. I liked exploring the scenes under the lights of the fireflies.

One thing that disappointed me a bit is that the screenshots show dozens of fireflies, but the first three or four levels only had a couple of them...
28. Apr 2014 · 23:45 CEST
Cute game. I love the mechanics but it is hard to identify the firefly that you need to meet. May it should start each round by first blink the player, second the muse and then the random pattern.
29. Apr 2014 · 11:06 CEST
Nice relaxing game :D.
29. Apr 2014 · 16:33 CEST
Simple and relaxing - only later levels were little chaotic. Check out my libGDX+box2dlights game if you are interested :-)
30. Apr 2014 · 03:58 CEST
Nice game! Congrats!
30. Apr 2014 · 04:01 CEST
What a beautiful game :D nice sounds and light effects. Sometimes i cant find my self but not a big deal, the game is fun and relaxing (: Great work :D
30. Apr 2014 · 04:32 CEST
Looks and sounds very nice, but I can't tell if I'm playing or just tilting looking foolish. I sat my android device down on the couch next to me and won a few levels without any interaction. Definitely an interesting direction though, well done!
01. May 2014 · 04:56 CEST
Interesting game. The controls were a bit unwieldy, and with nothing other than the color to tell them apart, it turned into a guessing game for me (colorblind). A small particle effect on the mate fly or something would have been a huge help.
01. May 2014 · 05:15 CEST
Cool effects. To enhance the 'meditative' theme, I would have liked to have a more mellow, seamless transition from one stage to the next. Cool idea though, and well executed.
01. May 2014 · 05:19 CEST
This game makes me sad when I finish a level too fast.

Not sure what it has to do with the theme precisely, but I'm glad I got to play it.
01. May 2014 · 20:13 CEST
Cute game, but I feel like I didnt get the theme. I included your game in part 6 of my Ludum Dare compilation video series!
02. May 2014 · 04:38 CEST
The light effects are really pretty, but the hitboxes on the fireflies feels way too small. I think having the different colours be different instrument notes or different shapes would both add variety and be a nice concession for the colourblind (though I can see the latter not mattering once enough are on screen).
02. May 2014 · 04:41 CEST
The light effects are beautiful. The piano is perfect too, but I'm thinking it might be better if the notes played were on a same chord/scale, the music would be even better that way. But nevertheless, the mood is really nice and I played for more than a few minutes just so I could get to the levels with more fireflies. Great job!
03. May 2014 · 16:50 CEST
Beautiful game. So relaxing... Sometimes I think I moved too quickly that was kinda hard to stop. Very cool entry!
08. May 2014 · 03:09 CEST
Neat little concept. While playing, I kept thinking of fun potential ideas using swarm intelligence and image recognition to make the flight paths more whimsical.

Good idea with the audio.
09. May 2014 · 21:54 CEST
Fun idea and very relaxing. Although bit hard to see which firefly I control and which one I need to move to.
09. May 2014 · 22:58 CEST
Really fun, cool idea - easy at the start but progressively harder as more and more fireflies started stealing me and my mate's thunder. Interesting audio choice as well, though it was at its most effective when there were fewer fireflies around so it was easier to connect the notes to what was happening on screen.
12. May 2014 · 00:23 CEST
I really liked the graphic effects and the hidden images. It was very relaxing too.
12. May 2014 · 18:55 CEST
Great mood and very relaxing to play
12. May 2014 · 22:59 CEST
Wonderfully sedate, and the piano sounds and blinking are reminiscent of Brian Eno's "Bloom" app -- which is invariably a good thing. It was a bit vague at first as to what you were controlling, but it's a minor gripe.