Defuse by KevinWorkman

made by KevinWorkman for LD27 (COMPO)
You have 10 seconds to defuse the bomb! Cut the correct wire in time, or the bomb goes BOOM!


Coolness 52% 3
Overall 2.97 647
Fun 3.19 347
Graphics 2.13 992
Humor 2.00 693
Innovation 2.94 568
Mood 2.37 831
Theme 3.88 59


26. Aug 2013 路 04:59 CEST
Ha, lovely idea!
26. Aug 2013 路 05:17 CEST
Tracing the wires in 10 seconds alerted me. If you continue to develop this, have you considered gradually introducing the tangles?
馃帳 KevinWorkman
26. Aug 2013 路 15:20 CEST
Thanks for playing!

@ethankennerly: I actually tried to gradually introduce the tangles and ramp up the difficult as you go. The first few levels only have 1 curve in them, then more curves are added as you play to make it harder. The problem is that there's a big different between 1 and 2 curves, but then less of a difference between having 2 and 3 curves, even less for 3 or 4 curves, etc. It's an interesting problem though.
26. Aug 2013 路 23:29 CEST
Cool locking game but sound would be nice :)
27. Aug 2013 路 06:11 CEST
What kind of crazy person wired up those bombs??!!

Highscore: 171110
27. Aug 2013 路 06:39 CEST
Liked it, got pretty far into it too :D
27. Aug 2013 路 10:05 CEST
It would be better if the wires didn't have sharp kinks. That should be possible if they're made out of cubic Bezier curves.

Good game though, I got 180653 on my third try :)
馃帳 KevinWorkman
27. Aug 2013 路 14:35 CEST
Thanks everybody!

I agree that sound would be nice, it just didn't happen.

@HeroesGrave: the same kind of crazy person who leaves exploding red barrels next to groups of enemies in every shooting game! :D

@Kramin42- they are indeed cubic Bezier curves, and I did try to get rid of the kinks, but this is the best I could come up with. I'd be interested to hear how you'd do it!
28. Aug 2013 路 02:23 CEST
Makes me want to join the bomb squad. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing but I enjoyed this game. Nice one Kevin!
Lightmare Studio
28. Aug 2013 路 02:27 CEST
Nice take on the bomb theme!
29. Aug 2013 路 13:28 CEST
Nice little game. Seems easier than it is at first, which is great! Some sounds like ticking and a scissor sound when cutting would be cool.
29. Aug 2013 路 13:31 CEST
Fun entry, quite hard sometimes when ALL the cables is like a ball in the middle :P
30. Aug 2013 路 07:57 CEST
I thought this was a bad game, but as I progressed,
Earphone chords.
30. Aug 2013 路 16:52 CEST
Challenging game. I really liked it. Good job! :)
30. Aug 2013 路 16:54 CEST
Nice idea :D
30. Aug 2013 路 17:39 CEST
Like the idea and implementation. Nice use of the theme.
30. Aug 2013 路 17:49 CEST
This could be a really good mobile game if you polish it more =)Sound is definitely needed.
30. Aug 2013 路 18:23 CEST
I scored 66942. I really like the concept of the game.
30. Aug 2013 路 22:30 CEST
Nice concept! Simple works well.
01. Sep 2013 路 00:35 CEST
Nice one! Getting harder and harder to find the wire.
02. Sep 2013 路 16:38 CEST
Nice and sweet game, short and to the point. The lack of sound is a great disservice to this game, but other than that I really liked it!

Have a video review :-)
16. Sep 2013 路 19:46 CEST
Too many booms in this LD. :)