The Shadows by KevinWorkman

made by KevinWorkman for LD26 (JAM)
I'm entering this into the jam because I used public domain sounds and music from freesound.

The game is (hopefully) a creepy, atmospheric, minimalistic recreation of what it's like to suffer from insomnia and see shadow people (which are a real phenomenon, check out the description at the game's homepage!).


You suffer from severe insomnia.
You close your eyes, but the shadows come.
You hear them as they scuttle.. closer.

Open your eyes and the shadows fade.
Keep them closed and be devoured.

Fall asleep to escape this waking nightmare.
(Defeat 14 shadows to win)

Controls: Press the correct key when prompted. Do so quickly, or the shadows will devour you.
M to mute, but I highly recommend keeping the sound on.

Thanks for playing!

(And yes, there is a potato in this game!)


Coolness 26% 1775
Overall(Jam) 2.94 340
Audio(Jam) 3.11 204
Fun(Jam) 2.29 470
Graphics(Jam) 2.94 341
Innovation(Jam) 3.28 175
Mood(Jam) 3.53 104
Theme(Jam) 3.22 283


Jonny D
30. Apr 2013 · 15:56 CEST
Yeah, pretty creepy. Did I just play a typing tutor? :) Well, the last couple of shadows are tough and you have to press a lot of buttons to close your eyes each time, which gets annoying. At least button mashing works!
30. Apr 2013 · 23:19 CEST
Nice game, and although horror games are not my cup of tea, this was a nice change from platformers
30. Apr 2013 · 23:42 CEST
Good game! Scary! Kind of annoying when you have to restart all over. But that fits the game so don't change it. I did only manged to get to 3. Very innovative.
01. May 2013 · 01:53 CEST
Niiiiice and spooky!
01. May 2013 · 21:46 CEST
Interesting idea. If you could host it in a way that didn't require installing multiple files that would be even better. Thank you for sharing!
recursive frog
02. May 2013 · 07:38 CEST
My one suggestion would be that it would have been even better if the room had some decorations, nooks, or crannies such that the shadow creatures could be plausibly interpreted by a mind in dream-state from the arrangement of objects.
05. May 2013 · 19:41 CEST
Concept is really interesting. Creepy indeed, but I think you should add some more scary sounds :)
12. May 2013 · 17:32 CEST
The last two shadows are very difficult.
It'd put less of them in total, I got very sleepy through the first part of the game :P
17. May 2013 · 20:41 CEST
I love this one! The graphics are bad on my card and I'm a bad typer though. :)

Insomnia is the best thing a programmer can get from life!