The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play by csanyk

made by csanyk for LD26 (COMPO)
Obviously I'm going for a high Theme and Humor score here.


Coolness 66% 3
Overall 1.53 1349
Fun 1.24 1346
Graphics 1.33 1332
Humor 2.90 207
Innovation 1.54 1336
Mood 1.35 1255
Theme 2.97 1047


27. Apr 2013 路 04:29 UTC
I demand cross-platform support!
馃帳 csanyk
27. Apr 2013 路 04:47 UTC
Lol, I'd love to do that, Crynix. I bought GameMaker Studio for that very reason. Yet for some reason this project won't even build to HTML5. Well, it builds, but when I load the resulting web page in my browser it won't run anything. Very odd.

And to build to OS X or iOS or Ubuntu or Windows 8 I need a second computer that runs that OS to target. My current environment doesn't have that. But if any other GameMaker Studio developers out there want to download the source and make a build, by all means go ahead. And if you can send me the build, I'll host it and update this entry with a link to it.
馃帳 csanyk
27. Apr 2013 路 21:23 UTC
OK I managed to rebuild my project and get an HTML5 build that runs. I'm not sure, but I think the project I worked on last night may have been corrupted, resulting in the HTML5 build to fail.
Pacifist Games
29. Apr 2013 路 02:50 UTC
Cute. I like it!

Just wanted to stop in and thank you for your GM Wave Motion Tutorial. Really helped me out with my entry!
29. Apr 2013 路 03:55 UTC
haha. You get a humor rating, that is all.
馃帳 csanyk
29. Apr 2013 路 10:26 UTC
Suese, that's really all it deserves, anyway. I hope to be more inspired by the theme next time. This was really more of a joke entry/protest of the theme. - - although if I had a freer schedule this weekend, I would have made a second, more serious attempt.

PacifistGames, you're quite welcome! I am glad my tutorials are getting popular. I worked on the wave motion problem pretty hard, as a result of the previous LD, where I had to fake it with a sprite animation. I do learn a lot from doing these compos. :-D
01. May 2013 路 06:13 UTC
Hm...I don't about the theme though...this feels more like nihilism than minimalism...You took away too much!
13. May 2013 路 19:20 UTC
Actually wanted it to be more smartass against me when I lost.
馃帳 csanyk
14. May 2013 路 13:10 UTC
@Brassawiking: Congratulation! A loser is you.

16. May 2013 路 04:05 UTC
I didn't feel like the game mechanics and the first person perspective really meshed well. Moving the jelly past the dragon was especially difficult after you got the cake, but I can appreciate the statement you were trying to make there.
16. May 2013 路 04:34 UTC
A strange game indeed.
16. May 2013 路 07:13 UTC
I got stuck on the third level =(
16. May 2013 路 08:09 UTC
Heheh nice. Although I'm sure it cheated. I'm positive that I won!
18. May 2013 路 04:55 UTC
haha, ok.
Andrew Shouldice
18. May 2013 路 20:17 UTC
I lost the first couple times, but I'm trying a different strategy now. So far so good!
18. May 2013 路 21:25 UTC
I'm impressed by your flawless support for iPads and other mobile devices; I appreciated every facet of this deep and complex project just as well as a PC gamer would have.
18. May 2013 路 22:04 UTC
This will be the benchmark for future gaming
19. May 2013 路 04:42 UTC
I long, compelling journey with lots of great gameplay and story twists! Great game
Zim the Fox
19. May 2013 路 06:41 UTC
I opened the link and it was a blank square, and after a few seconds it displayed 'You Win.'

20. May 2013 路 13:28 UTC
Very difficult! I eventually gave up after dying for the 7th time... You might want to give us more health and an ability to heal. Otherwise, great job!
馃帳 csanyk
20. May 2013 路 16:56 UTC
@Zim the Fox, you won my game?! That's un-possible!
20. May 2013 路 19:19 UTC
White is my favorite color so u get 5 in graphics.
Rafael Sales
20. May 2013 路 22:10 UTC
Here didn't work. In the beginning I thought that the concept is just the blank screen with 3 texts, but reading the comments, it seems that there is something to play. I didn't rate because I didn't play :(
Rafael Sales
20. May 2013 路 22:12 UTC
Okay. Reading again the text:

Obviously I'm going for a high Theme and Humor score here.

Yep. It's only this. Rated! hahaha
20. May 2013 路 22:36 UTC
Haha, genious!
馃帳 csanyk
20. May 2013 路 23:43 UTC
Rafael Sales, I think perhaps some of my players ended up staring at the game so long that it started giving them hallucinations, or something;-)