Ambush Predator 7: Angry Angler by SimianLogic

made by SimianLogic for LD25 (COMPO)
When the theme was first announced, my thoughts drifted to what we normally consider "villainous" creatures -- crocodiles, angler fish, sharks... after reading up a little on angler fish, I got the idea to make you "shake" your bioluminescent bacteria to hunt other fish.

*Move with WASD (angler fish are slow)
*Take a bite with the spacebar
*Shake your mouse to shake your bioluminescent bacteria and attract fish.
*Shake too much and they'll see your ugly face and run away (watch for the exclamation point).
*Fish above you are attracted to your light. Fish below you are repulsed.
*Eat fish to get bigger.
*Eat too big of a fish and you will explode.
*Get big enough and you will rule the ocean forever.


I'd hoped to do a giant squid boss fight at the end, but ran out of time.
I was literally adding the game over state as time expired, so you may not be able to actually "beat" the game.


Coolness 71% 3
Overall 3.25 225
Audio 2.74 258
Fun 3.03 279
Graphics 3.00 338
Humor 2.94 231
Innovation 3.72 62
Mood 3.30 120
Theme 3.19 376


17. Dec 2012 · 05:17 UTC
Awesome idea! It was very fun.
17. Dec 2012 · 05:19 UTC
Best use of lighting I've seen so far.
Scott McBee
17. Dec 2012 · 05:23 UTC
I love the control scheme and light mechanic.
17. Dec 2012 · 05:33 UTC
Awesome Game. Not sure if its possible to win. I just kept eating tell nothing happed.
Dark Acre Jack
17. Dec 2012 · 07:00 UTC
Solid work. Full marks for fun.
17. Dec 2012 · 07:57 UTC
I lot of clever ideas here, and a nice looking result. Well done!
17. Dec 2012 · 08:09 UTC
Fun game with some interesting mechanics. Especially the lighting.
17. Dec 2012 · 08:30 UTC
It was a bit hard to judge which fish I could eat and which would end the game. Other then that, the mechanics are awesome^^ Good job!
17. Dec 2012 · 09:11 UTC
Super cool.
17. Dec 2012 · 14:58 UTC
Cool idea with "mouse shaking" and controls!
Fun and addictive game. Nice work!
17. Dec 2012 · 19:14 UTC
Cool game. I don't think eating makes a villain per se, but then some vegetarians I know would say differently!
17. Dec 2012 · 20:19 UTC
Great game, the "omnomnom" sound was funny, but got a little annoying after awhile.
The lighting mechanic was great, the atmospheric sounds really helped a lot.
Kinda needs something to verify that you've won.
I like how as you slowly grow, you look more and more evil looking
🎤 SimianLogic
17. Dec 2012 · 21:09 UTC
Found the typo that was preventing people from hitting the "You Win" screen, but I'll wait until after voting to fix it. Put a png of that screen at the bottom of the page so people can see the epic took-me-30-seconds screen that they're missing.
18. Dec 2012 · 08:04 UTC
Well done!
18. Dec 2012 · 09:47 UTC
Very fun, loved the fish graphics! The lighting mechanic is super neat!
18. Dec 2012 · 23:21 UTC
Fun to play. Great use of lighting.
20. Dec 2012 · 11:13 UTC
The light based mechanic is really great. I also like the fishes animations.
21. Dec 2012 · 00:51 UTC
Clever idea for the gameplay. I found it to be slow paced, and strategic.
21. Dec 2012 · 08:24 UTC

Fantastic game mechanic. Simple, fun, and unique.
25. Dec 2012 · 17:59 UTC
Really good idea ! Too bad your fish swim with stiffness and backwards, i think that's killing all your effort on giving the impression to be an angler fish. Anyway, nice interpretation of the theme !
25. Dec 2012 · 18:54 UTC
Surprisingly fun game. Lovely sound. Reminds me of Flow.
27. Dec 2012 · 01:17 UTC
Great use of light mechanic, good work!