Patient Zero by grouchotron

made by grouchotron for LD25 (JAM)
My submission is an iPad app. Not exactly the easiest format for people to play and judge I know, but its what I was able to throw together over the weekend, and I had a lot of fun making it!

The app is entitled Patient Zero, and your objective is to infect entire towns with the zombie virus. You control your shambling horde with a combination of gestures and power-ups, to evade bombs and roaming guards, and infect defenseless citizens of town. But be quick! If you don't meet your infection quota in time the military will firebomb the town to quarantine the virus!

I know many wont be inclined to download and build the game to an iPad, but may still be curious. I'll try to port it to mac this week, but for those of you who don't want to wait, I've uploaded a demo video on youtube:


馃帳 grouchotron
17. Dec 2012 路 17:57 UTC
Sorry! Thats not the correct youtube url. Look here: if you're curious about the game
18. Dec 2012 路 10:24 UTC
No iPad, can't rate. I'll be hard to rate this for anybody, if you need a dev iPad, whatever dev environment it needs, etc. It looks interesting though, try to port in on the good old desktop!
18. Dec 2012 路 11:13 UTC
No iPad, can't rate :(
Corn茅 Dorrestijn
18. Dec 2012 路 11:15 UTC
The video is removed because it is too long.
18. Dec 2012 路 11:16 UTC
Yup it would be great if you could port it. I also have no ability to play it due to me being a poor bastard :)
馃帳 grouchotron
18. Dec 2012 路 11:24 UTC
@Corne sorry about that, there's a fixed upload here:
Thomas Pritchard
18. Dec 2012 路 12:01 UTC
Can't rate, but it looks like it has great possibility, like a reverse Atom-Zombie-Smasher. I would certainly recommend you finish this, as it looks like you've got some really interesting gameplay.
18. Dec 2012 路 12:50 UTC
I really like the idea and the realization (judging from the video). Although I would have been nice to have some sort of "guards" who can shoot the zombies that you strategically overtake. (If that's not the case with the blue dots, I am not sure that I understood what they are.)
18. Dec 2012 路 13:09 UTC
I can't run this game either, but it does look interesting as a concept. Rather like Infectionator.
馃帳 grouchotron
18. Dec 2012 路 17:51 UTC
@MatX Yep! The blue dots are guards, and they shoot any zombies within their range, which is represented by the grey circle around them. They flash red when they shoot, but a less subtle animation would probably be better.
19. Dec 2012 路 10:59 UTC
Too bad I have no Ipad because its looks very interesting.
So no ratings from me
20. Dec 2012 路 00:54 UTC
Launched it on an iPad Simulator, from a virtualized Mac OSX environment. :>
The gameplay was a bit confusing the first time you play it but it gets better over time. I found it challenging, graphics are minimalistic but I'm fine with it. That was an interesting game, congratz
20. Dec 2012 路 16:12 UTC
Really sorry to find your game out at this time, my dev account just expired!
It's really interesting though, looking forward to it. Please tell us when you successfully ported it.
21. Dec 2012 路 21:12 UTC
Well, I don't have an iPad.
Dark Acre Jack
23. Dec 2012 路 02:41 UTC
I would highly recommend recording some gameplay footage.
26. Dec 2012 路 20:58 UTC
Sadly, I can't play this because it's for iOS only. :(