The Debate by KevinWorkman

made by KevinWorkman for LD24 (JAM)
It's pong between Darwin and Jesus. The winner finally decides the debate between science and religion.

I only had 4 hours to start and finish my game, so I stuck with something super simple. Hopefully it still says a little something about the conversation to whoever plays it.

So sit back, read some interesting quotes from each side, and reflect on the ridiculousness of it all.


Coolness 52% 3
Overall(Jam) 2.58 218
Fun(Jam) 2.50 194
Graphics(Jam) 1.36 273
Humor(Jam) 3.59 20
Innovation(Jam) 2.31 206
Mood(Jam) 2.48 172
Theme(Jam) 3.15 75


Amoaeba Junior
28. Aug 2012 路 02:55 CEST
Had a Laugh!
My favorite quote was "Roar"
馃帳 KevinWorkman
28. Aug 2012 路 04:38 CEST
Haha thanks! That's what you get for asking people for their favorite quotes on science and religion.
29. Aug 2012 路 01:07 CEST
I like how reading the quotes raises the difficulty level (less concentration on the ball).
29. Aug 2012 路 03:44 CEST
Interesting. This does, after all, show us something: This debate will go on forever, back and forth monotonously. Like pong. Good job, despite it not having much work in it.
29. Aug 2012 路 04:19 CEST
Just like the real debates. Eventually, the less dexterous player flubs it and loses. :P
30. Aug 2012 路 03:09 CEST
This is... why didn't I think of it first? Cool concept though one does not necessarily disproves the other. Except in the US.
30. Aug 2012 路 03:13 CEST
"Roar" - Any dinosaur XD

This is a very good idea for a 4 hour entry. Science and religion ping-ponging with quotes. I like it. What is surprising is that you implemented momentum for the paddles. It's nicely implemented but it just make me loose every single time. There should be an option to select sides!

Btw, the description on your site says 'A' and 'S' not 'A' and 'X'.
30. Aug 2012 路 21:09 CEST
Great for 4 hours' work! And I did like the idea of Evolutionism and Creationism fighting it out in a PONG game. Although, I did notice the lack of functionality to play from the side of Creationism...
And that AI is really hard D:
31. Aug 2012 路 07:36 CEST
Fun little game, really cool little twist on a classic. the quote selection was really good too.
31. Aug 2012 路 14:50 CEST
Very good concept and for 4 hours, it's pretty playable. Now I think that every argument can be solved using pong! :D
04. Sep 2012 路 02:43 CEST
Liked the quotes, but I kept missing the ball because I was reading them. The inertial control was a bit difficult too - for Pong you really want to be able to change direction quickly. Great work for only 4 hours though & a clever way to interpret the theme.
09. Sep 2012 路 19:32 CEST
Lol, good stuff :) As one of those people who doesn't see how you must exclusively have either God, or evolution, this appeals to me on many levels :)
11. Sep 2012 路 03:39 CEST
Haha made me laugh
11. Sep 2012 路 09:51 CEST
haha awesome little wast of time thanks :D
12. Sep 2012 路 06:26 CEST
Wonderful idea. Controls really bothered me, but this game has an amazing numbers of level it works on.
13. Sep 2012 路 23:36 CEST
Haha, loved the concept! Had some laughs as well! Even the Pong mechanics got a nice twist with the acceleration thing, which makes it more interesting and difficult.

On non-game-design-matters, I don't think Campbell's quotes really belong to the religions' side, since his ultimate meaning is that 'god' or 'spiritual' are just ways to understand what is beyond rational understanding, but if these things really exist or not are a matter or personal faith. I think he should be in the middle. And I'd love to hug him. hahaha
Oh, and the dinossaur's quote is AWESOME, really got me laughing here!

But here's the greatest thing: most people make excuses to not participate in Ludum Dare. You actually dedicated the 4 hours you could in the jam time and did *something*. That's the right attitude man, you have my respect! ;)
17. Sep 2012 路 02:44 CEST
I liked how the quotes disconcentrate you. You should add MOAR quotes. MOAR. more. so they don't repeat themselves.

Just like in any real debate, having an argument at the precise moment and saying it with conviction works, even if the argument doesn't make sense.
17. Sep 2012 路 16:32 CEST
Nice idea, I liked that reading arguments distracted you from the ball!!!