HEXCORP- The Shape People by Nebulaic Toaster

made by Nebulaic Toaster for LD35 (COMPO)
You work at a company who makes shapes.
Make shapes to contract, interact with your manager.
Expect the unexpected.

Controls: Left Click to interact and draw, right click to move paper you've drawn.

Check the embed for a video of the glorius button masher bros playing it.


Coolness 54% 3
Overall 3.43 273
Audio 2.97 339
Fun 3.38 288
Graphics 2.97 491
Humor 4.22 11
Innovation 3.23 381
Mood 3.52 133
Theme 2.79 783


18. Apr 2016 · 12:45 UTC
I found this game strangely addictive. I included it in my video compliation series of Ludum Dare games, if you’d like to check them out :) https://youtu.be/NUKW4hicpYU
18. Apr 2016 · 18:30 UTC
error: unexpected end to archive
when i try to unzip
18. Apr 2016 · 18:31 UTC
I love your honesty lol. The game is really cool.
Nice music too, it keeps getting wild (I left the game open so I can hear it)
18. Apr 2016 · 18:43 UTC
Genius - loved the twist at the end - very clever. Wish I could drink my coffee though :(

Good level of humour throughout, and somehow addictive - I wanted to buy more for my desk!

Good work indeed.
18. Apr 2016 · 18:45 UTC
pixzleone - I had that happen a few times, after a few attempts the zip file downloaded successfully.

chromebookbob - forgot to mention the fun and zany music: was fun and zany (y)
18. Apr 2016 · 18:47 UTC
I had to download twice. There must be something wrong with the download link.
The humour is nice! I also liked minuteman :D
🎤 Nebulaic Toaster
18. Apr 2016 · 18:52 UTC
I'll recompress the files and upload them again, thanks for the feedback
18. Apr 2016 · 18:53 UTC
Weird game, but strangely enjoyable. Was very thrown by a couple of crazy requests that came in alongside the 3 and 5 sided shapes. Wasn't expecting the ending either. Music seemed simple at first, but I think it's going to stick in my head for a while.

One thing that bothered me was the disparity between the size of the speech bubbles and the size of the text inside it. Unless this was intentional to add the weird feeling, in which case, nice work!
18. Apr 2016 · 19:38 UTC
It really pays to draw pictures of spiderman. Good game!
19. Apr 2016 · 03:17 UTC
Hilarious. My favorite part was drawing pictures of spiderman <3
19. Apr 2016 · 18:34 UTC
I cry from the beauty. And laugh, lots of laughing.
19. Apr 2016 · 18:41 UTC
A little hard to understand...
20. Apr 2016 · 01:02 UTC
Fun game! Nice ending. :)
20. Apr 2016 · 07:53 UTC
Good game, need more coffee :D
22. Apr 2016 · 19:04 UTC
Cool idea, but the game seem to be very easy and kinda missing a goal, so I stopped pretty quickly. Good job nonetheless (also the jokes were nice)
22. Apr 2016 · 20:32 UTC
Great game! Made me chuckle
23. Apr 2016 · 21:32 UTC
lol we played this game all the way though!! That was funny! nice work!!
23. Apr 2016 · 22:44 UTC
Hilarious, I liked this game, it was fun and I haven't the time to be boring, even if it was simple and... A little pointless. Good job :D
24. Apr 2016 · 05:45 UTC
Nice twist. I had already started to rebel with my shape drawing so it was fairly satisfying. Nice job.
25. Apr 2016 · 16:12 UTC
Pssst - You've been featured on todays Ludum Dare to Believe! Check it out at - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHOU0btz7g4
25. Apr 2016 · 17:09 UTC
A very fun game, love the humor.
02. May 2016 · 07:52 UTC
Nice Innovation on this entry!