Unity Warmup by Novaki

made by Novaki for LD33 Warm-Up (-)
First Ludum Dare here. Also first time using Unity. I really enjoy working in C# so I figured I would have a better shot at that than fumbling my way blindly through C++ and OpenGL. Testing out some features and seeing how it runs performance-wise in browsers.


🎤 Novaki
15. Aug 2015 · 01:42 UTC
There seems to be a problem in the web player on the Ludum Dare site. It doesn't seem to want to let you move around. Try using the web link and it should work if you can't move using WASD or Arrow Keys (and space to jump!)
🎤 Novaki
15. Aug 2015 · 01:44 UTC
***Fixed by adding fullscreen button***
🎤 Novaki
15. Aug 2015 · 01:52 UTC
One more note I swear...the game needs to start in full screen. Don't press play until then! :)
Coconut Mage
19. Aug 2015 · 05:42 UTC
How did you get this to work in browser? Ive tried so many other things and it works when i build and run it in firefox, but when i upload it to Kongregate it does not work.