1D-ablo by blubberquark

made by blubberquark for LD32 Warm-Up (-)


Evergreen Games
14. Apr 2015 路 00:21 UTC
surprisingly fun! what was the point of the magic bar?
14. Apr 2015 路 07:42 UTC
Ok. It took me a while to figure out that the green blocks were bad guys ... Was wondering why I died so easy (I thought the "Baddies" were the bats).

Even though I am clicking on the green blobs my health is going down - Are they attacking me ?
14. Apr 2015 路 16:13 UTC
i love the player character :) also the bats and the skeletons. that's about how far i could go. nice job!
馃帳 blubberquark
14. Apr 2015 路 21:38 UTC
The game design is an old idea of mine: a demake of Diablo. The mana bar is there only because Diablo has one there as well. Yes, the green blocks are attacking and moving. I guess this game still needs sound and loot and skills and health potions.
26. Apr 2015 路 06:43 UTC
I really like the intro part :)