Clay Swordsmen by Xenolupus

made by Xenolupus for LD32 Warm-Up (-)
You run around as a clay man with a sword killing other clay men with swords.

--WASD to Move
--Mouse for Camera
--Left Click to swing sword
--Space to roll
--Escape to Pause
--Left Stick to Move
--Right Stick for Camera
--X to swing sword
--A to roll
--Start to Pause

I got a little carried away when I made this, mostly because I'm still learning a lot about UE4. A few hours turned into about 20, but at least I won't be fumbling around during the competition. I devoted most of my time figuring out procedural animation. Everything is procedural animated. Mostly its just the character's legs and feet adjusting to the environment.
The most headache inducing part was trying to make UE4 build to anything other than windows, which if you can't tell, didn't work out. HTML 5 was what I was hoping to work the most, but it only works in firefox and its laggy as heck.
Anyways, if you've read this far congratulations! I hope you enjoy my game. Please tell me your high score; I'm eager to see how many clay men you can kill.

If your looking for the source, it's still uploading. It's 2.47 GB and my internet isn't the best.


13. Apr 2015 路 10:38 UTC
Tried to play, got a checksum error on the pak file during extraction :/
馃帳 Xenolupus
13. Apr 2015 路 10:40 UTC
That's weird. It extracts just fine on my computer.
馃帳 Xenolupus
13. Apr 2015 路 10:43 UTC
I'll rezip and upload it just in case.
馃帳 Xenolupus
13. Apr 2015 路 11:53 UTC
It's been reuploaded and the link has been updated if anyone was wondering.
14. Apr 2015 路 06:59 UTC
Works fine now that I tried the new zip.
Great job on the animations, looks awesome.
Some minor stuff: The sword animation maybe a littlebit too fast and it looks as if the sword was cutting the players shoulder sometimes ;)
The enemy ragdolls seem to move like crazy after being hit (that looks funny though)
Dodging didn't seem to work all of the time or at least feels inaccurate - the animation feels very good though.
I killed 19 enemies before they got me.

Very cool for a warmup, looking forward to see your LD game :)
15. Apr 2015 路 02:46 UTC
I killed a whopping seven clay swordsmen... :-|
17. Apr 2015 路 07:02 UTC
Hey nice warmup! I got 23 and 17.

I think it would be improved if the enemies spawned closer to the player. The map is pretty huge so most of my time is spent running towards or waiting for enemies. In a smaller map rolling would become more useful, since 2v1 situations should occur more often. The sound, feeling, and animation of rolling are all very satisfying but it isn't a valuable action in 1v1 combat, since attacking first is most important.

Following that, some adjustments to lower the sword attack speed, and any swipe effect to give an indication of the hitbox could create a more robust feeling to the combat. This could become a very satisfying game with the right timing. :)

17. Apr 2015 路 23:48 UTC
This is awesome! Good luck on LD32!
I really love the rubber/plastic feeling the models have. I've used UE4 for a while, but this is better than anything i've ever made