Gravity Flip by Jani Nykänen

made by Jani Nykänen for LD32 Warm-Up (-)
Gravity Flip is a simple one-button arcade game. You play as a weird purple creature who collects yellow dolls and tries to survive as long as possible.

NOTE: this game was actually developed before warmup weekend since I didn't remember we have an event like that. I decide to submit this game since it was made in a few days for the same purpose.


Leon Byford
10. Apr 2015 · 15:48 UTC
I like it! Kinda difficult, though. My best score is 15.
10. Apr 2015 · 18:49 UTC
I love the idea for this game but I agree with Leon this is beyond angrybirds hard.
Evergreen Games
11. Apr 2015 · 05:29 UTC
i can't get it to load past 94% on safari
🎤 Jani Nykänen
11. Apr 2015 · 15:37 UTC
"i can't get it to load past 94% on safari"

After 94% is loaded the game starts to load the music file. It's a bit bigger file and it takes some time to load and process the file. But if nothing happens no matter how long you wait, then Safari probably does not support my game.
12. Apr 2015 · 13:54 UTC
ragequit after 24 :D
12. Apr 2015 · 19:03 UTC
pretty nice! reminds me of kalimba.
12. Apr 2015 · 20:39 UTC
Very good, but very hard. :-)
14. Apr 2015 · 16:27 UTC
feels very polished. and i love the player character's design. good job!