Hash City Part 2 by xhunterko

made by xhunterko for LD32 Warm-Up (-)
The youngest of four sisters, you've always wanted to go on your own mission. Suddenly a red alert urgent request sounds in the comm, and your the only one there! You quickly punch accept snag your mother's old hunter suit and ship, and jet off! Hoping to finally prove yourself to your sisters. You get shot down in reentry as the planetary defense guns have been taken over in the chaos. After you come to, fortunately military forces are ready to debrief you. The situation is worse then it seems. Can one woman in an old suit really make the difference?

-Swarms of insects to shoot!
-Different missions each level!
-Lights and shadows obscure the city at night!
-Top down shooting action!

Latest version is version 1.3!

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