Tnahpele by Leon Byford

made by Leon Byford for LD32 Warm-Up (-)
.tnereffid tub …nomiS ekil s'tI

.uoy ot nevig si tahw fo esrever eht si redro tcerroc eht ,ereh tuB .redro tcerroc eht ni snottub deruoloc eht no kcilc tsum uoy emag siht nI .ti desseug uoy ,seY

!nuf evah uoy epoh I ,neht litnu tuB .noos meht xif ot elba eb ll'I yllufepoh dna ,)taht tuoba yrros — eussi eno si yawa thgiarts gnitrats ti( emag siht ni sgub emos llits era erehT


10. Apr 2015 · 00:50 UTC
There's a bug where if the same one sounds twice it only plays on sound. Just letting you know. :)
10. Apr 2015 · 09:25 UTC
.stniop 5 tsap tog I nehw gnisufnoc ytterP
🎤 Leon Byford
10. Apr 2015 · 15:36 UTC
@barthjk: Thanks for the bug report! This issue only seems to occur with certain web browsers which is why I didn't catch it initially, but I'm working on resolving it.
11. Apr 2015 · 21:31 UTC
Reverse Simon Says! I kinda enjoyed it....I was about to report the game broken lol.
🎤 Leon Byford
12. Apr 2015 · 00:35 UTC
@AsixJin: I initially wasn't going to give any clues as to what's different in this game, leaving the player to figure it out for themselves. But I ultimately decided that it would be too cruel. Still, I think it's more fun if it's not made extremely obvious.
12. Apr 2015 · 15:12 UTC
D: !11 tog i
12. Apr 2015 · 19:44 UTC
I like this a lot better then the normal Simon, because with the normal one I normally forget the new button to press until I get there, but with this, the new button is always the first I have to press, so it's easier to remember everything.
Also it won't register if I press the same button in quick succession. :(
26. Apr 2015 · 06:47 UTC
Fun sounds :)