Get Them Bunnies by Modoc73

made by Modoc73 for LD32 Warm-Up (-)
First time entering into the Ludum Dare Compo. So thought I would give it a go this weekend and see how I went. This is what I came up with.

Exclusive to Windows! (sorry)


Your mission is to keep a stable population of bunnies!
But beware! Their presence is causing the universe to become unstable!

Arrow or WASD keys to move
Space to throw Bananas!

'H' to show highscores
'R' to reset highscores
'Backspace' to quit
'Esc' to pause
'F1' to show this again
'F2' to restart"

You can double jump! And if you land on a bunny you will cause damage.
Throw your bananas to hurt the poor little guys. But look out from the sky! Meteors will cause damage not only to the balls of fluff, but also to you!


14. Apr 2015 · 16:23 UTC
has a very nice feel with the jumping and movement. also the meteor falling feels very tactile too. one thing that was confusing to me was the banana mechanic. do bananas hurt the bunnies when it hits them or is it just about getting the banana under a meteor and meteor kills the bunnies?
🎤 Modoc73
14. Apr 2015 · 22:43 UTC
Sorry should have explained that a bit nightlord.
So bananas do damage, but double jumping and landing on top of the bunnies does more damage.
The meteors do damage to the player and the bunnies when it hits them on the ground. :)

Thanks for the feedback!