Coins and Spikes by Aglavra

made by Aglavra for LD30 Warm-Up (-)
My previous projects were simple educational games, like jigsaw puzzles with famous paintings or memorizing multiplication table. So here I decided to try something new :) The objectives were also to get a feeling of working on a game in a limited time and overcome "stage fright" (usually I publish my games to much smaller audience).

The game was made in Stencyl in about 3 hours.


17. Aug 2014 · 15:06 UTC
Fun little game. The acceleration based movement is not a bad idea but the starting speed is way to slow and making it faster would enhance the game feel, I think.
🎤 Aglavra
18. Aug 2014 · 11:48 UTC
Thanks for your feedback, you are right. I'll pay more attention to this part next time :)