Super Crate Ripoff by goodpaul6

made by goodpaul6 for LD30 Warm-Up (-)
This is a little game I made in the image of (read: ripped off of) Super Crate Boy, a popular free indie title.

Use Z, space, W, or Up to jump,
X or P to shoot,
Arrow keys or WASD to move around.

The game is based around picking up crates. Your score (at the top of the screen when playing) is the amount of crates you've collected. If you touch an enemy, the game restarts (i.e you lose). If you let an enemy fall into the lower pit, it comes back with a vengeance!

* screen shake
* purple crates!
* red player!
* screen shake!
* Minigun!
* screen shake!
* Machine Gun!
* screen shake!

Post your scores below!