Mythology by FelipeTavares

made by FelipeTavares for LD24 Warm-Up (-)
Use arrows to move, spacebar to jump and 'w' to attack.


24. Aug 2012 路 02:07 UTC
I like the main characters sprite!
24. Aug 2012 路 06:19 UTC
Lol. why w?
24. Aug 2012 路 17:19 UTC
If you go all the way to the left you cant get back, this is a problem if you skip enemies along the way to kill them later
24. Aug 2012 路 17:34 UTC
w? I was finding myself hitting w to jump and space to punch... Still fun tho. I kept finding myself getting murdered by punching soldiers. :)
馃帳 FelipeTavares
25. Aug 2012 路 01:39 UTC
W because I like W...