Shmup by Quentin

made by Quentin for LD24 Warm-Up (-)
This is just a small "Shoot 'em up" game, if you can even call it that. I'm quite new to game dev, but I thought I'd give LD a shot anyway!

I made it in Java using Slick2D/LWJGL in ~3 hours. I really suck at graphics, so excuse my boxy "ships" and other bad graphics :P

Left/Right Arrow Keys: Move
Space: Fire bullet


Also, I'm not entirely sure if the Mac version works, but it was an option on JarSplice(which I used to pack all the LWJGL natives into the Jar) and is a smaller file.

I didn't do any sounds or music just because I didn't want to work on it after I sleep, because it was 11pm when I finished xD
I'll do some for the compo, though!


23. Aug 2012 · 21:16 UTC
Very fun little game! Good luck on LD! You'll do great!
24. Aug 2012 · 02:13 UTC
580! :) It gets very difficult! fun game
🎤 Quentin
24. Aug 2012 · 07:55 UTC
Thanks, guys! It means a lot!
29. Aug 2012 · 04:42 UTC
Gets hard but its good fun