Symmetry! Get the target! by gbear605

made by gbear605 for LD24 Warm-Up (-)
Get the ball.
Gravity is backwards.
W key to jump.
A and D to go left and right.
Mirror symmetry is in effect.

Made in Processing!


22. Aug 2012 · 07:33 UTC
yes! finally, someone else is using processing! nice game :) it's challenging, but not too much, and the learning curve isn't much so beginners won't get bored. ^_^ I like it.
24. Aug 2012 · 02:24 UTC
ClassNotFoundException for SymemetryTargetGame.class :(
🎤 gbear605
24. Aug 2012 · 20:48 UTC
Gallefray: Thanks!
whilefun: That happens sometimes :/ Not sure at all why.