Treasure Cave Dash by dalbinblue

made by dalbinblue for LD24 Warm-Up (-)
It's been a while since I've done any game programming and this is my first attempt at a Ludum Dare so I decided to submit a quick warm-up game to work out some kinks and make sure I know how to submit games.

This game is literally the first thing that came to mind when I sat down to program. You are an adventurer navigating a labyrinthine cave looking for treasure. The more you find, the more valuable it becomes, but every moment you stay hear more monsters appear to reclaim the treasure.

Your goal is to get as many points as possible. Coins are worth 100 points, diamonds 500 points. Each time you collect a treasure your multiplier increases making each subsequent treasure worth more points; however, if you are caught by a monster, your multiplier will return to 1. Get caught three times and it's game over.

On the keyboard, the arrow keys control the players and spacebar pauses.

On a gamepad, the digital pad controls the player and start will pause the game.

This game is written in C# using XNA. If the game does not start you may need to install the XNA 4.0 libraries, available as a download at

Try it out and let me know if it runs okay for you. Constructive criticism is always welcome.


24. Aug 2012 · 02:23 UTC
27400 :) Very fun. love the old school feel. One thing I found hard was accurately running in front of the end bits of the walls. I found it visually difficult to estimate how close I was to just squeaking past. It made for a couple deaths from miscalculation
🎤 dalbinblue
24. Aug 2012 · 05:45 UTC
Good, call. I updated the warm-up game to make it easier to navigate the vertical sections in two ways. First, I moved the tops of the walls to another layer so that you can walk behind the wall (to make the vertical sections wider), and second I changed the players movement to work more like that of the legend of Zelda). In other words, instead of move a pixel at a time when you select a direction you move an entire block before you can select another direction. That should clear up and of the "one pixel off" collision issues.