Chip Away!! by Sestren

made by Sestren for LD24 Warm-Up (-)
Since this weekend is likely going to leave me with precious little time to participate in the competition, this little game is my consolation prize to you and to myself in the event I don't manage to submit anything interesting or playable this weekend.

Coding - Flixel
Graphics - Photoshop
Sound - sfxr

The goal of the game is to eat as many cookies as possible. You accomplish this by ensuring each of your bites contains at least one chocolate chip (this increases and maintains your multiplier). You can only bite from the edges of the cookie, so place the center of your bite display over one of the edges of the cookie to start. Unlock more cookies as you gain points, but try to avoid biting a chocolate chip only halfway; it will drop off the cookie and that chip won't count toward your multiplier.

Controls are all mouse-based. The mouse scroll-wheel adjusts the size of your bite, while left-clicking initiates a bite when the center of the bite display is over one of the edges of the cookie.

Now, eat to your heart's content!


24. Aug 2012 · 19:38 UTC
A quick note: Laptop users like myself can't use this mousewheel functionality. Despite this, I like it!
🎤 Sestren
24. Aug 2012 · 20:27 UTC
Thanks for the feedback! I have updated the game to allow for the 'W' and 'S' keys to be used in place of the mousewheel.
25. Aug 2012 · 11:28 UTC
Haha great idea !
22. Sep 2012 · 02:30 UTC
This is actually kinda fun!