Zig Zag Zap by bvanschooten

made by bvanschooten for LD24 Warm-Up (-)
Made in about 10 hours using JGame.

Wanted to test neon style graphics on different platforms.

I hope the JOGL webstart will work for most people. I've had quite a few problems with OpenGL.


24. Aug 2012 · 02:29 UTC
scored 2020. After I died, the lives counter just went to negative numbers forever (i closed the tab at -200 and something)
🎤 bvanschooten
24. Aug 2012 · 09:33 UTC
Thanks for reporting that! I found that it always does this. Instead of transitioning to game over, the app gets stuck in a loop, and you have to reload the page to start it again. I'll try to fix it tonight, and hopefully have one less snag to run into during the LD. BTW the Java version does not have this problem.
🎤 bvanschooten
24. Aug 2012 · 17:29 UTC
I fixed the game over bug!