Ghost Dungeon by Kalabasa

made by Kalabasa for LD23 Warm-Up (-)
Took longer than intended. D:

I'm going to enter the competition for the first time! :D


14. Apr 2012 · 10:55 UTC
Nice, I like this visibility effect. Looks cool. And I ate lots of cheese! :D
14. Apr 2012 · 15:11 UTC
Was there a specific algorithm you used for dynamic lighting?
If so please tell me!
14. Apr 2012 · 18:01 UTC
Very interesting lightning! Loved the cheese!
14. Apr 2012 · 20:09 UTC
Wow, very great work! Are the levels and placed items created via algorithm? I think the ghosts are bad enemies, hard to get rid of them when they follow you :)
14. Apr 2012 · 22:19 UTC
I'd like to look at the source for this if you're willing to post it. The smooth full-tile movement is what I want to steal.
🎤 Kalabasa
15. Apr 2012 · 07:02 UTC
Thanks everyone for the comments. I uploaded the source.

Smooth movement was achieved by "tweening" from current position to destination tile.

I made my own dynamic "lighting" algorithm for this.

The level was made using cellular automata. Cheese and enemies were placed randomly.
I agree, ghosts are slightly difficult.
15. Apr 2012 · 11:21 UTC
You should try to doublecheck your mazes, first maze I was in was a room of 6 by 6 or so with no exits. After reset the maze was fine, but it's still an unfortunate first impression :)
15. Apr 2012 · 14:57 UTC
Awesome lighting. On Firefox 11/Windows7, I thought that the keys were a bit sticky/unresponsive, specially when making turns.
15. Apr 2012 · 19:02 UTC
yeah the i can't press 2 direction keys at the same time (it kind of annoying. But the the game its great really intensive for being so small :)
16. Apr 2012 · 12:13 UTC
Really nice game! The idea of the dynamic light is very intresting, well done!
🎤 Kalabasa
16. Apr 2012 · 16:57 UTC
Thanks for commentin

Um. Sorry. :) I don't know how to fix that. However, I introduced doors! to lessen the chance of being stuck

I think both of you have the same problem (Can't press 2 keys at the same time). Fixed now. :)

19. Apr 2012 · 06:06 UTC
I love how the map stays after explored, very cool.