Polyplane by TheGamingProject

made by TheGamingProject for LD23 Warm-Up (-)
A quick puzzle game we converted to HTML5/jscript from Java.


15. Apr 2012 · 05:20 UTC
Simple but genius! :D
15. Apr 2012 · 07:46 UTC
Very cool idea for gameplay! This needs a thumbs up for having a polished version of it! :)
15. Apr 2012 · 11:33 UTC
The menu seems to be bugged (Not have any text, to be precise) but the game, whilst a tiny bit sluggish (Which has more to do with the way you control your.. eh... worm? than anything else) works fine, and the basic idea is very good; in fact, i'd consider making it even better if I were you :)
15. Apr 2012 · 15:30 UTC
I liked it a lot. Maybe make a stronger relation between the color of the portal and the destination plane?
15. Apr 2012 · 19:45 UTC
It was a game that was supposed to be a puzzle, but what would have been nice is 2 accessible portals in the same space so as to provide alternate routes and further confuse the player.
16. Apr 2012 · 12:27 UTC
Genius puzzle idea, I really like it!