made by caranha for LD23 Warm-Up (-)
A Quick shooter to refresh myself how slick 2D works. You control the spaceship with the arrow keys, shoot with space, and pause with ESC.

Please do pause the game, it is awesome. :-)

Dodge the asteroids/amoebas/weird spinny things, or shoot them if you can't dodge. The hitbox for the ship is pretty small, but the number of asteroids increase with time -- what is your best score?

The game was made in a span of 12 hours -- not straight, I paused to cook, play games, browse reddit, take out the trash, etc.

The game itself kinda sucks, but it was great to remind myself the basic classes and structures necessary for a Slick2D game. LD 23 will be awesome! :-)

PS: I couldn't get the applet to run with the barebones jar... so the applet also loads with the fat jar, making for an humongous 5Mb Download!


16. Apr 2012 路 21:55 UTC
What is with lgwjl?
馃帳 caranha
17. Apr 2012 路 01:55 UTC
Are you having problems? I will try to solve them, but I need a bit more info:

What is your platform? are you getting any error messages?
17. Apr 2012 路 17:28 UTC
Works for me
18. Apr 2012 路 03:26 UTC
Did you figure out your problem with the applet version? You have to add the library jars to the resource list of your applet.

If you're planning on using Java and you don't have a host already (and you don't want to deal with library issues), you might check out a project I've been working on, It's a site designed for indie game programmers using Java or Processing, with competitions like this in mind- just upload a jar and a thumbnail, and you have a decent looking website showcasing your game as an applet, webstart, and a downloadable jar- without wasting any time on web development. I'm working on adding tutorials and ad revenue sharing, but for now it's at least an easy way to show of your game. It also handles library management like that for you, so you don't have to worry about that either. Check it out if you feel like it.
馃帳 caranha
20. Apr 2012 路 14:12 UTC
Kevin, thanks! It seems that the problem is actually on my end, it seems that my computer cannot run any Java applets :-/

I will take a look at your project :-) Cheers!