A fisherman and his twisted reflection by madeinpda

made by madeinpda for MINI24 (COMPO)
Uhmmmm probably one of the worst titles ever

My picks:

2 button
2 colours
game ends in 60 seconds
framerate 5fps
game completed in the first 3 hours

Extra self-rules:

Old style dirty as1 coding without functions
Ninja game making style: Complete the game while your girlfriend is sleeping and return to the bed before she notices.

You can watch the timelapse at youtube:

Pd: Sorry for the typos


14. Feb 2011 路 10:25 UTC
Pretty clever game, but the difficulty ramp is too steep... I can handle it easily until it get to eight refletions. Then it's impossible!
14. Feb 2011 路 19:06 UTC
Nice idea. I like the concept of games that require you to keep track of an increasing number of things at once, but it's hard to get the difficulty right without making it either too overwhelming or too easy.

My brain just about imploded at 8 copies. Up until then it seemed like as long as you kept a rhythm going it was doable.
馃帳 madeinpda
15. Feb 2011 路 11:56 UTC
I agree with both. The difficult ramp is weird.

And the problem is that the game doesn't work, reaching the 8 instances of the animation is easy enough for everybody to beat the game. In fact at the end screen I written something similar, you can watch the tube video.

I noticed that the game mechanics didn't work just too late, I did it in more less than 2 hours (as can be seen on the video) and it was at the end part.

I was so scaried about "making something barely playable" in so little time that making something also fun to play was away from my expectacions.

Was fun to do anyway! :-D
Giovanni Perillo
16. Feb 2011 路 11:40 UTC
LOL, That is very hard :O
Why the game are so hard? well, at least, I liked it :D
Someday I will win this game... someday...
馃帳 madeinpda
16. Feb 2011 路 17:00 UTC
Yes! It is. It is so hard I can't beat it...

The game is so hard because It's poorly done ;-)

When I noticed it was too easy I should look for a workaround. Something disturbing as waving movements or a bit of rotation..... something hard but not hardly possible to beat.

The tip of course is that if you can just concentrate only in one of the fisherman and get the perfect rythm to let the fish inside water just 1 frame the rest of the fishermen will be ok !!!!

It's not impossible... but SO HARD it isn't a playable game.

Hey but it was crazy for me to make a "game" in so little time, check the video, I find it much more funny that playing the game!!!!
16. Feb 2011 路 19:11 UTC
Nice work getting anything completed in a much shorter timeframe than the rest of us. Yeah it's not all that fun and it's too hard for me, but I did at least enjoy the gameplay idea, even if it wasn't 100% successful, and I still played it a few times, getting further each time so it certainly wasn't unplayable!